Learn how to manage installed applications in your phone.

About applications

Select > Settings and Installations.

You can view details of installed applications, remove applications, and define installation settings.

You can install the following types of applications:

  • Java ME applications that have the .jad or .jar file extension

  • Applications, compatible with the Symbian operating system, that have the .sis or .sisx file extension

  • Widgets that have the .wgz file extension

Only install applications that are compatible with your phone.

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Remove an app from your phone

You can remove installed apps that you no longer want to keep or use, to increase the amount of available memory.

Select > Settings and Installations.

  1. Select Already installed.

  2. Select and hold the app to remove, then select Remove.

If you remove an app, you can only reinstall it if you have the original installation file or a full backup of the removed app. You may not be able to open files created with a removed app.

If an installed app depends on a removed app, the installed app may stop working. For details, see the user documentation of the installed app.

The installation files may use large amounts of memory and prevent you from storing other files. Use Nokia Suite to back up your installation files to a compatible computer, then use the file manager to remove the files from your phone memory.

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