Learn how to select the connection type to use to connect to the internet.

Define how your phone connects to the internet

Your phone automatically checks for and connects to an available known network when a network connection is needed. Selection is based on the connection settings, unless there are application-specific settings applied.

Select > Settings and Connectivity > Settings.

Use a mobile data connection

Select Mobile data > On.

Use a mobile data connection when abroad

Select Allow mobile data usage > Worldwide.

Using a mobile data connection to connect to the internet when abroad can raise data transfer costs substantially.

You can also set the phone to use a mobile data connection only when in your home network or home country.

Use a Wi-Fi connection only

Select Mobile data > Off.

An access point can be a mobile data connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

You can collect access points in a destination list, and rearrange the priority order within the list.

Example: If a Wi-Fi access point is ranked above a mobile data access point in a destination list, the phone will always try to first connect to the Wi-Fi access point, only connecting to the mobile data access point if the Wi-Fi network is not available.

Add a new access point to a destination list

Select Network destinations > Access point.

Change the priority of an access point in the internet destination list

  1. Select Network destinations > Internet.

  2. Select and hold an access point, and from the pop-up menu, select Change priority.

  3. Tap the position in the list to move the access point to.