How do I use the integrated keyboard more efficiently on my Nokia N900?

Your Nokia device has an integrated keyboard. To open the keyboard, push the touch screen up. When you use the integrated keyboard, the on-screen keyboard is disabled. Below you can find few tips and tricks for using the keyboard.To Switch between different character casesPress the Shift key. To enter only uppercase or lowercase letters, press the Shift key twice.Enter numbers, additional characters and common symbolsPress the Fn key (icon representing blue arrow facing up right) and press the corresponding key to type a number, character or symbol. To enter only the characters printed at the top of keys, press the Fn key twice to lock the mode. To return to normal mode, press the Fn key again.Enter special charactersPress Fn and Sym. A view opens, in which you can select the special character.Enter accented charactersPress Fn and the desired key. To enter other accented characters, press Fn and Sym, and select one from the list. If you need to add an accent to a letter, press Fn and Sym and select needed accented character from the list and press the letter to which you want the accent to be added.Switch between input languagesThe integrated keyboard layout can vary depending on the device sales region, but the keyboard can still provide two different text input languages at the same time. To switch between input languages press Ctrl and Space simultaneously. This also switches the languages for the on-screen keyboard.

Word CompletionYou can also use word completion and next word prediction features with the integrated keyboard. The word candidates are displayed on the text input area. To select a word candidate, press the right arrow key.To get more information about keyboard usage and for example shortcuts and text input settings refer to user guide chapter Basic usage - Text input.