How do I use the themes on my Nokia phone?

You can change the look of the display, such as the wallpaper and icons. Press Menu and select Tools > Themes.To change the theme that is used for all the applications in your device, select Themes > General. To change the theme of a certain application, in the main view, select an application.To preview a theme before activating it, select Options > Preview.To activate the theme, select Options > Set. The active theme is indicated by a tick mark .The themes on a compatible memory card (if inserted) are indicated by the memory card icon. The themes on the memory card are not available if the memory card is not inserted in the device. If you want to use the themes saved in the memory card without the memory card, save the themes in the device memory first.To change the layout of the main menu, select Themes > Menu view.To open a browser connection and download more themes, in General or Menu view, select Download themes (network service).Important: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software.To edit the wallpaper and power saver of the current theme, select Themes > Wallpaper to change the background image on the display for the active standby mode or Power saver to change the power saver that appears on the display for the active standby mode.