Do I need a data plan to use Nokia Maps for S40?

You can use the following features of Nokia Maps for S40 phones in offline mode:

-              View preloaded maps for your entire country. Use all map features like zooming and panning on preloaded maps.-              Search for addresses and POIs (places of interest) that are preloaded on your Nokia Maps for S40-              Get addresses and phone numbers (Not available for all POIs) for POIs and view them on map screen-              Share address, phone number and link of map with your phonebook contacts using SMS-              Save and personalize favorites (create your own names for them – HOME, best Vietnamese restaurant, etc.) in one click and access them from the main screen-              Plan a walking route between any place, address or any point on the map screen to any other. See the route on a map, get a detailed list of turn-by-turn directions with road and distance information between turns. See detailed map view of every turn for easy reference.-              Get help with how to use features-              Update maps using Nokia Suite for PC