If you have installed Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 (Maps 3.09), then you got the new version of Map Loader that is using map data packages in a new format. Unfortunately, if you have been using Nokia Suite 3.3.4, it replaces your current, correct indexing file (so called "catalogue file")  with an old, incorrect indexing file still points to the packages in the old format and that leads to the error message "Cannot find file on server".If you are effected by this problem, please try the following:1. Reboot your device2. Start File Browser3. Delete the file named catalog- from e:\cities\maploader (note that deleting this file does not do any harm, next time Map Loader is started, it will be downloaded again)Nokia Suite has now fixed this problem in version 3.4.49. However, if you have been affected by this already, you need to follow the steps mentioned above.