Explore the keys and parts of your camera grip.

Items listed left to
right or top to bottom. With front of camera grip facing you, wrist
strap hole is at lower right corner. On top edge: camera key. On right
side: power indicator key, indicator lights, charger connector. On
bottom edge: tripod mount screw connector. Micro-USB connector is
inside of camera girp. Wrist strap goes together with camera grip.

1 - Camera key

2 - Power indicator key

3 - Indicator lights

4 - Charger connector

5 - Wrist strap hole

6 - Micro-USB plug

7 - Tripod mount screw connector

8 - Wrist strap

This product does not include a USB cable.

The micro-USB plug of this product may contain a small amount of nickel. If you are sensitised to nickel, prolonged skin contact with the parts may cause symptoms.