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Switching from an Android phone

Moving your contacts, tunes and photos from your old Android is easier than you think. In fact, Lumia is the smartphone that makes everything easier – including switching. We’ll show you how.

Install OneDrive on your Android

Upload your photos, videos, and other files to OneDrive. When you sign in to the OneDrive app on a Microsoft Lumia, it’s all there waiting for you. OneDrive is pre-installed on all new Lumias.

Set up your new Lumia

Simply follow the instructions to swap your SIM card. You’ll need your Microsoft I.D. If you have a Hotmail, Xbox live or an alternative Microsoft account, then use those details. If not, creating one is straightforward and it’s free!

Transfer your contacts

This is easiest to do with Bluetooth. First enable Bluetooth on both your old and new phones, go into the ‘Transfer my Data’ app located in the menu on your Lumia, connect and follow the on-screen instructions.