Checkout British Airways’ digital bag tag and check-in with your Windows Phone

The past 40 years of General Aviation have witnessed significant advances in the passenger experience through Information Technology. Whether it’s improved navigation systems, high-quality inflight entertainment or simply the ability to purchase your tickets online, the increased speed and convenience of air travel has been matched only by its accessibility for more and more people worldwide. 

Microsoft is partnering with British Airways in a trial that aims to demonstrate how our journeys can reach an entirely new level of innovation. Digital Bag Tag is a system that will further reduce travel time and increase convenience, especially for frequent flyers. Instead of the usual paper tag that is attached to baggage before it makes its way to the airplane, a digital tag containing flight details ranging from destination to connecting flights and return journey is used. 

Check-in with your Windows Phone
British Airways Digital Bag Tag
October 16, 2013
Check-in with your Windows Phone

One of our frequent fliers on the programme, John Nougher, Technology Strategist explains, “With thousands if not millions of people coming through the doors of airports every day, there’s clearly room for more innovation to help improve their experience.”

With all travel information contained on the Digital Bag Tag it is then possible to check-in, select a seat and obtain a boarding pass with a swipe of a phone. Passengers who are trialling this system will use their Near-Field Communication enabled Windows Phone devices in London’s Heathrow Terminal 5.  Not only will they save valuable time by simply dropping their bag off at a dedicated desk but also be able to track their baggage as it boards the plan.

“As a passenger and a technology expert, being a part of this trial will give me the opportunity to bring both of these worlds together, provide some valuable input and hopefully help push the boundaries of what can be achieved with the Digital Bag Tag”, says Nougher.

The digital bag tag has been designed to be used time and time again, with a battery life of up to five years and could eventually do away with the need for a new paper tag every time we fly.

The trial will begin on Wednesday 16th October.

Take a look at the technology in action to see how Microsoft’s Windows Phones are helping people get checked in, keep tabs on luggage and save time at the airport by clicking here.

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Check-in with your Windows Phone
October 16, 2013

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