Microsoft’s 2014 Festival Survival Tips

Mud, rain, mates and good tunes. That’s right, it is summer music festival season again and we all know the better prepared you are the more fun you will have. So aside from a pair of fancy Wellingtons and a backstage pass, what are the best tech devices and apps by Microsoft that can help enhance your festival experience to be all about dancing and not about being disconnected.

A Moment to remember (and share!)

You have waited hours to be front and centre at your favourite band, now you keep catching the lead singer’s eye, so you need to capture the moment or no one will believe you! But if you are packing a Nokia Lumia 1020 is the only smartphone with the breakthrough combination of a 41-megapixel camera and Optical Image Stabilisation, so you can capture more of the moment. Shoot super-sharp images with Nokia Camera. Zoom in close on details and reframe them into new images. Adjust white balance, shutter speed and focus like a pro. Capture stunning HD video and distortion-free sound with Nokia Rich Recording. Now you have proof, if only getting the singer’s phone number was as easy.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41-megapixel camera and Optical Image Stabilisation
June 27, 2014

Festival fix and filter

Enhance those four-to-the-floor and toilet queue moments so even the mud stains look stylish by using the Nokia Creative Studio, exclusive to Nokia Lumia. Simply swipe through a series of creative effects, add focus blur or create an impressive colour pop effect. Create a special festival collage for you and your mates, quickly adjust colour balance and remove red eyes (just in case mum is looking). When you're done, share your pictures directly with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

No coverage? No problem

It is the ultimate festival fret. You have a hilarious new best friend you just met at the Mexican food truck, you can’t remember their name but you want to remember the moment so you snap a pic only to see you have no phone coverage to share it! #Fail! But with the new app Flickpic, exclusive on Windows Phone, you can share images and video instantly with no Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or Data connection required - it works everywhere. Simply select photos to share, then flick your device to their Windows Phone – super simple way to remember…err whatshisname.

With FlickPic, you can share images and video instantly with no Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or Data connection
June 27, 2014


Sometimes it is good to get lost. Being lost in the music or lost in the eyes of a cutie in crowd but being lost and alone is not good at all. Now you do not need to worry about losing your ride home, with the Windows Phone’s Share Location app. Share your location, or any location of your choice, via SMS, email, or by copying the link. Your mates then can open the location and find you in a jiffy. Phew, now you better hope they have your house keys….

Boogie, then Blog

Have you been struck by a bolt of inspiration and need to run back to the tent to blog about an amazing new band you just heard? Or need to check your emails after calling in ‘sick’? All blogger buffs and creative cats can stay connected with the Surface 2 4G - Heart of a laptop. Body of a tablet. Designed for the people who don’t stand still and can be used anywhere. The Kickstand allows you to go from tablet to laptop and back in a snap, creating the perfect angle for blogging, sharing, searching or ‘working’ on your lap or in the tent. Microsoft also lets you free up some more photo and video space on your Windows Phone for more ‘selfies’ by using OneDrive. Simply download up to 200GB of files from your Windows Phone or Surface 2 4G to the cloud and keep them safe and available anywhere at any time.

The Surface 2 kickstand allows you to go from tablet to laptop and back in a snap
June 27, 2014

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