Power BI for HR

The hardest decisions lie on human capital. That is why information is key.

From productivity to general sentiment, human resources departments have to be informed of an endless flow of data that comes their way. Power BI offers a familiar and powerful way to process and condense all that data and start executing on it.

Plan for your hiring pipeline

Patterns are hidden inside you workforce. Being able to identify and understand those patterns is what gives human resources professionals the tools and ideas to act on specific issues and solve them. Visualize your company's hiring, firing, promotions and compensation processes to intervene or boost specific positions or locations.

Power BI for HR

Understand employee satisfaction

There are tons of tools to measure the "temperature" inside your organization. How you translate that data into insights is key to implementing and executing policies and programs that have effect on your workforce. Measure the results of campaigns and trainings to obtain specific results and react accordingly. Visualize employee satisfaction over time and easily identify the patterns that need attention and action.

Understand your payroll, benefits and training

Figure out where your resources are going and the results attached to them. See what programs are being used by your company’s employees and how that reflects on your benefits policies. Explore trends by position, geography and business areas. Relate training to results to know what is working and what is not. Visualizing all this data in an interactive dashboard will empower you to find correlations and insights that were not there in the beginning.

Keep your insights up to date

Every single movement in your network creates a data point and that happens fast. Schedule refreshes to always have the latest view of your performance and make decisions that will produce results faster and more effectively. All of this while keeping your data secure and consistent.

Ask your questions, get a visualized answer

Now everyone can get their own answers. Allow your colleagues, no matter the level of data expertise they have, to ask questions in plain English and get answers on the fly with Power BI Q&A. Build your models and release them to the world to empower every human resource professional to find insights and propose solutions that can have a positive impact.

Enhance your reports with public data sources

Using Power Query you can search, import, clean and reshape public data and bring it into your own reports to unlock even more insights. For example, correlate economic information by location with your data around injuries, payroll or satisfaction level to deeply understand the root causes behind a pattern.