Power BI for Operations and Logistics

Visualize your supply chain and expose your optimization opportunities.

Operations is the backbone of any business. Get visibility into your network and identify pain points to solve the problems that affect it. It doesn’t matter if it’s cost or location data; Power BI can help you visualize and collaborate with the rest of your organization to solve the problem that will have the highest positive impact in your operations.

Monitor your network's performance

With Power BI you can create models and KPIs to monitor the performance of your operations. Identify trends and critical processes where changes and resources will cause the higher impact. Visualizing cost, quality, inventory, efficiency or routes through interactive dashboards will give you more opportunities to explore the root causes of your problems and unlock the insights that will help you solve them.

Power BI for Operations

Geo-location data for better insights

Using map visualizations in Power BI will create a whole new dimension for your data and therefore more opportunities to find more creative solutions for your transportation or manufacturing problems.

Inventory under control

Keep an eye on your aggregated inventory levels through dashboards that can be shared between your facilities and groups. Make sure everyone is informed so the best decisions are being made. Rank your products and inventories to safeguard levels when it matters the most.

Keep your insights up to date

Every single movement in your network creates a data point and that happens fast. Schedule refreshes to always have the latest view of your performance and make decisions that will produce results faster and more effectively. All of this while keeping your data secure and consistent.

Ask your questions, get a visualized answer

With Q&A now it is possible to get instant answers from your models. Keep tabs on all your KPIs by simply asking a question: What is my inventory per product? Allow anyone to get their own answers and improve these models enhancing the synonyms behind your data to improve their experience.

Enhance your reports with public data sources

Using Power Query you can search, import, clean and reshape public data and bring it into your own reports to unlock even more insights. For example, work with public traffic data to correlate it with higher costs and turnaround times.

Using Power View to review manufacturing performance

Marc Reguera talks with Gene Purschwitz, General Manager of Microsoft's Puerto Rico manufacturing facilities, to understand how his team uses Power View to gain insights and make decisions in a quicker time frame. Through this real world example, you will see how you can discover insights and reach a deeper level of analysis that was not initially obvious by simply interacting with the charts and filters.