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Describes how to obtain a copy of the software manual and how to obtain additional documentation for Fable: The Lost Chapters.
Describes a problem with Creative SoundBlaster Audigy card drivers that causes Fable: The Lost Chapters to close unexpectedly.
This article has information about Fable III for PC activation and how to resolve common activation errors
Provides steps to take to resolve this error: "Activation process has been terminated." This can occur when you try to activate Fable III for PC.
Lists the minimum system requirements that a computer must have to run Microsoft Fable: The Lost Chapters.
Provides steps that you can follow to resolve performance issues that you may experience while you are playing Fable III for PC.
Provides steps to resolve the "Improper shut down detected" error you may see when you start Fable III for PC.
Provides support contact information for customers who purchased Fable III through Steam.
When you start Fable 3, the following error may appear: If you click the button, you may see the following results:

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