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This article describes several known graphics-related issues that you may have when you play Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
Describes Flight Simulator X and Acceleration Expansion Pack minimum system requirements. Also describes supported and unsupported software.
This article describes the minimum system requirements for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - A A Century of Flight.
Describes the training resources that are available in Flight Simulator. Describes the resources that are available on the Internet where you can receive more information.
This article describes how to configure the flight logbook in Microsoft Flight Simulator to automatically record your flight time.
Describes how to manually remove Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight from your computer when you cannot remove it by using other methods, such as the Add/Remove Programs tool.
Describes an issue in which game performance may be slower than you expect when you play Flight Simulator X. Provides several methods to resolve this issue.
This article describes the known video-related issues that you may experience when you play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. This article is divided into general video issues and issues that occur only on specific video hardware....
Fixes an issue in which Flight Simulator X hangs on the loading screen.
Describes the activation message that you receive after 30 minutes of play in Flight Simulator X.

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