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Defend against rapid cyberattacks

Find out about rapid cyberattacks and how to address them.

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Aerial view of a city with long-exposure traffic lines coming from a cloud above the city.

Plan for cyber resilience

Learn how to create a cyber resilience-based strategy.

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Person's hands loading a server into a server bank.

Cybersecurity 4-point action plan

Learn to develop an action plan for proactive cybersecurity.

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Incident response

Find out how to improve your organization’s response to cybercrime.

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IoT infrastructure security

Hear strategies for keeping your IoT infrastructure secure against attackers.

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Protect against cloud attacks

Understand the threat landscape and strengthen your defense.

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Two men, seated at a table, with laptops open in front of them.

Identity-driven security part 1

Learn how to adopt an identity-driven security strategy.

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Image of a person surrounded by a building, clouds, and a padlock, signifying identity-driven security.

Identity-driven security part 2

Discover intelligent security tools for hybrid clouds.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella giving the Cybersecurity keynote

Cybersecurity keynote

Hear CEO Satya Nadella speak about cybersecurity and the unique perspective Microsoft brings to enterprise security.

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Image of a circuit board.

Datacentre infrastructure

Watch this short video and learn why 85% of Fortune 500 companies choose Microsoft.

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What keeps CISOs up at night

Learn how to improve your security posture for today’s expanding threat landscape.

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View of a server panel.

Security and cloud computing for government agencies

Discover how federal, state, and local governments can embrace new technology and maintain high standards of security.

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Two men talking in the front seat of a car.

Create a security-conscious culture

Learn to keep data safe as part of doing business.

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Two men talking in the front seat of a car.

Keep cybersecurity up to date

Find out how the cloud can help keep your business secure.

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Two men talking in the front seat of a car.

Understand and manage cyber threats

Learn to adjust your business security posture to mitigate risk.

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Two men talking in the front seat of a car.

Move to the secure cloud

Learn strategies and decisions to move cybersecurity to the cloud.

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Woman using stylus to work on a Surface computer.

Assess your cybersecurity program

Identify opportunities to strengthen how you manage your organisation’s cybersecurity risk.

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Get ahead of current threats

Transform your security programme to be more proactive and resilient.

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Improve your cybersecurity response

Learn how to handle cyberattacks more effectively.

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