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Like computers, smartphones are powered by an operating system, which is where your phone's preferences and safety controls are set and stored.

Below are some specific tips on the safety settings available on Windows Phone 8. If your phone uses a different operating system, make sure you visit your software provider's website for specific guidance on the safety features available.

Kid's Corner

Our new mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 lets you control what your children can access using Kid's Corner.

This tool allows you to select apps and features which are safe for your children to use. Then all you need to do is select the Kid's Corner function when handing your phone over to them. They can then personalise their own start screen, take their own pictures, play games, watch videos and listen to their favourite tunes safely and without affecting your settings.

To set up Kid's Corner, just follow these steps:

  • Tap on the Kid's Corner tile icon, which is provided on your Windows Phone 8 start screen by default.

  • Use the wizard to select the apps and content you want your child to be able to use – such as the camera, apps and specific content and titles within the Music + Videos Hub and Games Hub.

  • After you've completed the setup process, your child will have full access to Kid's Corner from his or her own lock screen, which is accessed by flicking left from your lock screen.

  • If you have a PIN set and your phone is locked, you'll need to enter it before you or your child can unlock Kid's Corner.

  • Windows Phone Store and in-game purchases are blocked in Kid's Corner, so you won't see any unexpected charges on your accounts.

  • Kid's Corner also blocks web browsing.

  • To leave Kid's Corner, press the power button. When you press it again, you'll be back at your own lock screen.

SmartScreen Filter

Windows Phone 8 also includes a SmartScreen Filter for web browsing using Internet Explorer 10. This checks against a centralised list of potentially malicious sites and downloads and alerts you whenever you try to visit a potentially malicious site on your phone.

To find out more about SmartScreen filter, see link.