Stay current on cyberthreats and trends

Learn how to protect against botnets, hackers, and ransomware in the Review the major types of cyberattacks that impacted businesses in the past year in the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 23. Plus get recommendations on how to protect against botnets, hackers, and ransomware.

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Keep your data safe with machine learning

See how Microsoft uses advanced analytics—processing more than 450 billion authentications per month, scanning 400 billion emails for malware and phishing, and updating one billion devices—to deliver richer insights. These insights can help your organization detect and respond to attacks quickly.

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Strengthen your cyber defense with the Intelligent Security Graph

Protect connected systems and stay on top of evolving threats with the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. Rich insights from vast security intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics help you improve investigations and speed up response.

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Learn how Microsoft fights cybercrime and keeps data safe

In this webinar, learn the best practices Microsoft employs to fight cybercrime malware, reduce digital risk, and respond to threats. Discover how Microsoft uses the intelligence gained from these operations to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

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