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What are Internet filters?

What are Internet filters?

Internet filters are software tools that can help monitor web content viewed on a particular computer or network. In the case of family safety settings, Internet filters can also help parents manage who kids can communicate with or how long kids can use the computer.

How setting Internet filters can help

  • Parents, guardians, or school administrators can protect kids from viewing inappropriate material as well as identify which websites kids can visit.

  • Parents and guardians can block sites by content type or only allow access to certain sites.

  • You can prevent unwanted, explicit sexual content from appearing in your search results.

  • Businesses can block websites or programs that they don't want their employees to use at work.

    Internet filters can warn you about and block you from suspicious websites that might be fraudulent (also known as phishing filters).

  • Internet filters can keep spam out of your inbox (also known as spam filters).