• Dynamics CRM Online

    Empower your growing business to get the most out of every lead and opportunity. Reduce costs, increase profitability, identify and win new customers and deliver even better experiences.

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Dynamics CRM Online

Empower your growing business to get the most out of every lead and opportunity. Reduce costs, increase profitability, identify and win new customers and deliver even better experiences.

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See how Dynamics CRM can help you achieve your sales goals.

Sales is all about who you know – watch our video to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to identify the best contacts and win their hearts over the competition by providing you with a complete set of tools to build loyal and profitable relationships through great customer experiences.

Find out how to smash your sales quota

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Improve customer engagement

Your customers are everything to your business and great customer engagement is vital to your success. The process of engaging customers can't be one-size-fits-all. It needs to be adaptive to meet the individual needs of each customer. Dynamics CRM Online provides you with intelligent customer engagement tools to enable your growing business to build customer loyalty through amazing customer experiences.

  • Use analytics to gain insight about your customers.
  • Determine the next best interaction with your customer based on their behaviour.
  • Create personalised customer experiences

Download our guide to find out how your customer engagement measures up to other small businesses

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Dynamics CRM Online - Microsoft Business UK
Dynamics CRM Online - Microsoft Business UK

Be more productive

Research has revealed that sellers spend 78% of their time on non-selling activities, compared to 22% of their time actually selling.

We live in the age of the customer and today’s customers are more empowered and educated than ever to dictate what, how and when they’ll buy. People in sales roles need to be nimbler and more responsible than ever before to meet increasing customer expectations and invest time where it counts – with the customer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your sales team with a complete solution to effectively manage leads through the sales pipeline, leaving them with more time to deliver amazing experiences that results in more sales.

Find out if modernising your sales organisation could dramatically improve sales performance

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Ensure your business is socially savvy

In a socially connected world, engagement with customers can happen anywhere, anytime – and is key to growing your business. Social Engagement from Dynamics CRM Online provides you with powerful social tools to gain insight into how people feel about your business and connect with customers, fans, and critics on social.

Listen everywhere to get a true understanding of how people really feel about your business and how you stack up against your competitors, engage with your customers on social communities to build deeper relationships and use insights to find out what matters most to your customers.

Download our datasheet to find out more about Microsoft Social Engagement

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Dynamics CRM Online - Microsoft Business UK

Access the tools you need from anywhere at any time

With Dynamics CRM Online you get the same familiar Microsoft user experience you are used to from your other favourite business tools, plus complete integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook – so there’s no steep learning curve for you or your team to content with.

And because Dynamics CRM Online is cloud-based, it is accessible to everyone in your business from their desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – wherever they are an at any time.

Discover the benefits of mobile working

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There are 2 ways to buy Dynamics CRM Online

Through a Microsoft partner

Our partners are technology experts who offer CRM Online solutions designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Quick-start solutions mean you can be up-and-running within a week, and daily costs per user can be as little as the price of a cup of coffee.

The benefits of working with a Microsoft partner include:

  • Ability to purchase any number of licenses
  • Professional deployment and setup assistance
  • Local training and on-site support
  • Ability to fine-tune your solution to fit your business needs
  • Additional assistance, service and support, including data migration and transition advice

Find a partner

Direct from Microsoft

You can only purchase CRM Online direct from Microsoft if you are planning to buy 5 or more user licenses.

We also recommend you have in-house CRM implementation capabilities, or are already engaged with a partner who does.

CRM Online licenses purchased direct from Microsoft cost from £31.20 per user, per month. For more information about licenses and pricing for small and medium-sized businesses, please click here.

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See how Ryan, the Sales & Marketing Director of a small business, uses Dynamics CRM Online to identify, win and retain customers.

Achieve more with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Get the right tools to grow a loyal customer base.

The licenses featured on this page are recommended for small and medium-sized businesses. To see details of all available CRM Online licenses, please click here.

Note One non-production instance is included with 25 or more Professional User Subscription Licences (USLs). For every 20 Professional USLs, the storage capacity increases by 2.5 GB, up to 50 GB at no additional charge. A minimum purchase of five Professional USLs is required for new subscribers.
Note Social listening and social analysis features require 10 or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional USLs when licensed through the Microsoft Online Services Program (MOSP) or the Open Program.

See global list prices through Microsoft Online Services Program
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support options
Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online pricing and licensing guide
Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises pricing and licensing guide

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