Let's Talk about Consumerization of IT!

Watch our animated, talk show style video to find out what people think.

The world of work is changing

People want the freedom to work anywhere—at home, in the office, on the road—and they want instant access to everything they would typically have at their office desk. They want to bring their own PCs, slates, and smartphones to work. Not to mention, everyone's more connected than ever with use of social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) at work and for work. Work-related collaboration using Cloud applications (e.g. web mail, cloud storage, web apps) are also increasing.
Ultimately, the way we choose technologies we use for our work is changing—Consumerization of IT is here!
People are coming to work with much higher expectations, putting increasing pressure on IT to provide compelling solutions while maintaining a secure and well-managed environment. And, we think the opportunities and benefits of Consumerization outweigh the risks and challenges.
So we've asked a number of people about how they think about Consumerization, the concerns and excitement and all! Plus, a couple of people from Microsoft share their perspectives with our animated hosts.