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What is Windows Intune and the Windows Intune cloud service?

Windows Intune simplifies and helps businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows Intune cloud services and Windows 7. Windows Intune includes:

  • The cloud service for PC security and management.
  • Upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise and future versions of Windows.

It's a powerful combination of cloud services for PC security and management solutions and Windows upgrade licensing—all rolled into a single subscription.

With the Windows Intune cloud service, IT staff can remotely perform a number of security and management tasks. These tasks include management of updates, endpoint protection to help safeguard PCs from malware threats, and inventory management so IT and end users can remain productive from virtually anywhere. The only other thing required is an Internet connection. With the Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade, customers can get the best Windows experience with Windows 7 Enterprise or standardize on the Windows version of their choice.

Customers also have the option to purchase the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) add-on, a set of seven on-site advanced desktop management tools. MDOP can help further enhance security and control and help you resolve critical issues that could not be addressed by the cloud service, such as diagnosing and recovering unbootable PCs. For more information on the capabilities of the MDOP, please visit

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