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The Consumerization of IT.

“The energy that end users have about doing interesting, cutting-edge work with technology has never been higher."

Chris Capossela, Senior Vice President, Microsoft

When consumers collide with the workplace.

Consumer technology is changing the workplace of today. As consumers bring their technology to work, they are pushing for new ways to work that align with how they use social, mobile, and digital tools in their day-to-day lives. While the consumerization of IT has remarkable potential for improving collaboration and productivity, many companies are dealing with the enormous security risks of introducing consumer technologies into the workplace

Consider the numbers:

  • 11 percent of information workers use social networks for work. (Forrester, October 2009)

  • 45 percent of young workers worldwide say they use social networking Web sites at work, regardless of whether their organization or company prohibits their use. (Accenture, January 2010)

Tomorrow’s consumer enterprise.

Moving forward, IT should take the lead and choose a unified platform that provides the excitement and engagement of consumer technology with the added protection of enterprise-grade security. Organizations should address the consumerization of IT in a way that sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and promotes innovation—all within the secure walls of an IT environment that safeguards enterprise resources.