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Multi-generational Workforce.

"Technology is only one piece of the puzzle.”

Chris Capossela, Senior Vice President, Microsoft

A challenge for the ages.

The notion of productivity is rapidly evolving as companies address the technology demands of workers who have embraced consumer technologies. As companies look to the future, it is critical that they address these shifts in technology, not only to stay competitive in the marketplace, but also to lead in attracting and retaining top talent of all ages with technology that supports the way their people want to work.

Consider the facts:

  • Today's multigenerational workforce is made up of workers of different age groups, with each generation having a distinct style of working and a unique attitude toward technology.

  • By 2010, there was one senior citizen for every four working-age people in the developed world. By 2025, this ratio will have climbed to one senior citizen for every three working-age people, and possibly higher. (NIC, November 2008)

How will you respond?

How today's companies respond to this generational diversity will determine which companies will lead tomorrow and which companies will fall behind. The introduction of new technologies like social networks, open collaboration, mobile computing, new data analytics, and self-service portals offer numerous opportunities to increase productivity. At the same time, these innovations pose challenges as each individual within your workforce has different ways of learning and using technology based on generational preferences and experience.

Create an engine for growth.

Turn the challenge of a multigenerational workforce into an engine for growth with IT solutions that address the distinct ways that your people use technology to get things done.

  • Maintain balance by embracing innovative new tools for information workers of all ages.

  • Empower all generations by allowing customization that works for everyone.

  • Ensure usability and improve succession with a familiar user experience across generations.