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Defining the future of productivity.

As your company builds for the future, consider these foundational principles that set us apart from the competition. And see why enterprise leaders around the globe count on us to help cut costs, increase productivity, and drive growth.

Best Productivity Experience.

The Microsoft productivity platform increases the impact of your people by providing a familiar experience across PC, phone, and browser platforms so that people can be productive from virtually anywhere.

Cloud on Your Terms.

We give you the flexibility to deploy and manage software through the cloud in the way that works best for your business, whether that means implementing a 100 percent cloud solution or a hybrid of on-site and off-site solutions.

Unified Productivity Platform.

Our solutions work together, allowing you to keep costs down and quickly respond to changing business needs. And because they are built on our unified platform, Microsoft productivity solutions make it easier to integrate and extend existing line of business applications.