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Businesses today face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Taking rapid action in today’s environment means making informed decisions and having the agility and confidence to embrace a world where the pace of change is continually accelerating. In this world, the Dynamic Business thrives, capitalizing on every opportunity to compete in a landscape where the growing risks require a new breed of business. Business solutions that move beyond transactions and reports to incorporate an understanding of the people in a business, their roles, their organization, and the work that they do are essential to enabling the Dynamic Business. Microsoft is committed to fulfilling this vision and helping business customers drive forward with confidence.

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics business solutions can help you meet your key business needs and enable your organization to become a Dynamic Business.

Connect with customers and build stronger, more profitable relationships

  • Analyze customer relationships and identify highest-value customers.

  • Retain satisfied customers effectively and profitably.

  • Track sales and marketing activities for better results and lower costs.

  • Effectively target each customer with offers that match their history and purchasing potential.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can help strengthen your customer relationships.

Gain better business insight for rapid, effective decision-making

  • Gain real-time access to a common set of accurate business information and help your business operate more efficiently.

  • Erase boundaries between data silos and deliver the critical information needed by executives and staff for effective decision-making.

  • Better analyze project or contract profitability.

  • Give employees quick insight into predefined views of data tailored to their jobs.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can help improve decision-making throughout your organization.

Enable more productive people and processes

  • Connect your people to the right processes, as well as to each other.

  • Improve communication and collaboration and discover better ways to work together, regardless of location.

  • Automate common tasks and provide role-based access to information.

  • Enable employees to work with tools they already know and understand, like Microsoft Office Outlook and Excel.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can help improve the productivity of your people and processes.

Manage organizational growth and gain a competitive advantage

  • Plan current and future capacity relative to projected growth.

  • Retain existing customers and gain new ones by placing customers at the center of your business.

  • Rapidly respond to new trends and opportunities and identify shifts in purchasing patterns.

  • Extend access to business systems across your entire organization with role-based functionality.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can help your organization better manage for growth.

Manage financial accountability and compliance to promote fiscal responsibility

  • Strengthen your ability to comply with regulatory legislation.

  • Enforce compliance with company procedures or quality initiatives by automating workflows.

  • Provide executives and managers with easy access to key risk indicators and role-based information.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can help provide transparency, traceability, and accountability for your business.

Reduce IT costs and streamline IT management

  • Quickly extend your ERP system to new companies or multiple sites to cost effectively scale.

  • Leverage common skill sets, helping to ease customization and reduce training time for new IT staff.

  • Integrate your ERP system with existing IT assets to increase productive use and maximize return on investment.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can streamline IT tasks and help reduce IT costs.

Respond to changing business conditions and promote IT agility

  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box Web services and connectors to add new functionality as needed.

  • Quickly incorporate business logic for automated functions using a built-in programmatic interface.

  • Develop additional, highly customized functionality by using familiar development tools to take your ERP solution even further.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can help you adapt to changing business conditions.
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