Help drive down costs for distributing manufactured good by integrating business and financial systems

Why Microsoft Dynamics for consumer packaged goods distribution?

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) distributors face big challenges selling to the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving retail industry. Intense price stress at the retail level puts pressure on distributors and leads to smaller margins. Alternatives, such as mail order, catalog sales, and direct sales, bypass the traditional distribution channels altogether, forcing companies to add value to their services to retain customers.

Microsoft Dynamics can help you succeed in the CPG industry with financial, process, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Deploying these flexible solutions can give your company a significant competitive advantage by helping to: meet retailers' demands more effectively, lower the cost of operations, and improve customer satisfaction.

Streamline business processes

  • Automate critical business processes and help reduce internal costs.

  • Create accurate demand-forecasting models that lower inventory and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Speed order picking by up to two to six times with powerful, integrated Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solutions.

Quickly access accurate information

  • Instantly view real-time and historic data across multiple locations to improve decision-making and understand where savings can be found.

  • Implement metrics and tracking for individual warehouses and departments.

  • Use intelligent knowledge management to identify opportunities for new products and services to be offered.

Exceed customer requirements

  • Improve ability to respond to unique customer needs, such as specific packaging, marking, and shipping requirements.

  • Increase the accuracy and speed of customer interactions with low-cost, easy-to-implement Web-based systems.

  • Improve customer support by effectively tracking and monitoring customer needs and requests.

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