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Microsoft Dynamics Localization and Translation Solutions

Organizations doing business in a particular country* must comply with country-specific laws, regulations, and common business practices to handle their daily business transactions and operations and meet their legal obligations for activities conducted in the country. Microsoft recognizes that non-adherence to these laws and regulations can lead to severe consequences for an organization doing business in that country.

As an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Microsoft Dynamics ERP software helps organizations manage their various business processes through its extensible architecture. Microsoft extends the business process functionality of its Microsoft Dynamics ERP software by developing specific commercial requirements; language; and non-vertical, national or international laws or regulations (such as tax, accounting, and financials) for countries where Microsoft makes this software generally available. The process of adapting software to meet local laws or requirements is called localization. The process of adapting software to meet language requirements is called translation.

Since laws and regulations that affect businesses vary in each country, Microsoft Dynamics ERP software is not supported in terms of localizations, translations, or technical support in all countries. While Microsoft Dynamics ERP software "out-of-the-box" is localized and/or translated to address specific laws and/or regulations for particular countries, it is not supported in terms of localizations, translations, or technical support in all countries since laws and regulations that affect business vary in each country. Rather, we look to Microsoft channel partners, who are an important part of our global strategy, to deliver Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions that help customers meet their compliance obligations. Channel partners may adapt the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software to:

  • Supplement the base Microsoft Dynamics ERP application by developing functionality to meet specific laws or regulations that are not covered by features provided ”out-of-the-box” (e.g., regulations that are unique to states, provinces, cities, or municipalities in a particular country); or

  • Create their own localizations and/or translations in countries where Microsoft does not offer a localized and/or translated version of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software.

Partner-created solutions are owned, implemented, maintained, and serviced by, or on behalf of, the originating channel partner. Microsoft does not make any representation, guarantee, warranty (expressed, implied, statutory, or otherwise), or assurance about the performance or suitability of partner-created solutions (including compliance of these solutions with local business, tax and regulatory, legal, or other applicable requirements) or any support or other services provided for partner-created solutions.

Channel partner-created solutions:

For additional information about partner-created solutions in your country, please contact your Microsoft channel partner or local Microsoft office, or utilize the Microsoft Dynamics Solution Finder to identify channel partner solutions that might be available in your country.

Microsoft-created solutions:

For more information about the various countries where Microsoft makes localized and/or translated versions of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software generally available, click on the links below:

To learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics applications available in a particular region, please contact the local Microsoft office in your region.

*Use of the word country is for convenience only and is not intended to imply sovereignty for any disputed territory that may be mentioned herein.

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