Boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase adaptability while reducing costs

Boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase adaptability while reducing costs

Boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase adaptability while reducing costs

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software, together with the latest Windows and Microsoft Exchange Server technologies, enables greater operational flexibility

Empowering your people to be more productive, ensuring adaptable business processes, and tightly integrating your business ecosystem are critical drivers of success in today’s dynamic business environment. But, IT systems that are difficult to deploy, manage, and extend can hamper your ability to achieve these goals.

By running Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, alongside Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, you can navigate change with greater ease and facilitate greater productivity and collaboration—all while reducing your data center footprint. Help your people accomplish more, sharpen the adaptability and performance of your business, and strengthen connections with key partners and customers with innovative technologies that enable you to:

  • Deploy communications infrastructure and productivity tools in less time and ease management of client computers across your organization.

  • Support more efficient communication and collaboration with external parties, including key suppliers, partners, and customers.

  • Reduce the effort involved in maintaining compliance with industry and government regulations.

  • Provide remote access to business applications so that your people can stay productive wherever they work.

  • Increase scalability with the ability to provision IT resources more quickly.

  • Ease IT system administration and lower help-desk dependency by taking advantage of new management tools and self-service capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software solutions are built to support flexible business processes, streamline and automate common business tasks, and facilitate better communication across organizational boundaries, building on the powerful capabilities offered through the world-class IT infrastructure from Microsoft. Continuous improvements to this IT infrastructure provide an even stronger platform to help your company succeed and grow in today’s ever-changing business environment. Here’s how:

  • Fully compatible with Hyper-V and other products that are part of the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program, Microsoft Dynamics software enables you to rapidly meet changing capacity needs while reducing costs associated with sourcing and maintaining large numbers of physical servers.

  • By running Microsoft Dynamics software on Windows 7, you can take advantage of user interface enhancements, such as the improved taskbar, to help your people work faster and quickly find the information they need.

  • Innovations in Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access functionality in Exchange Server 2010 enable users to consolidate and easily access their business communications in a single location from any major Web browser so that they can stay connected and remain productive while telecommuting.

  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager helps you automate monitoring of Microsoft Dynamics AX within a centralized, easy-to-use console.

  • The Remote Desktop Gateway in Windows Server 2008 R2 enables you to provide suppliers and other external entities with remote access to Microsoft Dynamics software without requiring separate virtual private network access.

  • New messaging policy and archiving functionalities in Exchange Server 2010, in conjunction with compliance centers, embedded workflows, and other tools in Microsoft Dynamics software, eases compliance with regulatory standards.

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