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Do you want a business relationship that will allow you to accelerate your lead generation efforts, close more sales faster, and support your customers more effectively? Accomplishing these revenue building goals will allow you to expand your staff’s skills and build a solid strategy to enable long-term growth. You are not alone! For years firms like yours were at the same cross-roads and they will tell you their businesses are now thriving due to their relationship with Microsoft Dynamics.

Are you a potential Microsoft Dynamics partner?

If your organization is interested in delivering Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), or point of sale (POS) solutions, the path to success has never been clearer.

You will find that Microsoft Dynamics partners have a wealth of marketing, sales, training and product resources at their disposal to facilitate long-term strategic growth while selling ERP and CRM products and solutions. Visit the Path to Success with Microsoft Dynamics site to be introduced to the required steps and best practices.

  • Understand the requirements necessary to become authorized to sell and service the Microsoft Dynamics product suite.

  • Connect with thousands of other partners, industry experts, and Microsoft executives worldwide.

  • Utilize business assessment tools to help know what factors influence business performance and what can improve yours.

  • Capitalize on the demand for new products and technologies with access to Microsoft software and in-depth product information.

  • Leverage partner program marketing materials, business assessment tools, technical training and much more.

Respond to client opportunity

We recognize not all business priorities are created equal and that your requirements for a relationship with Microsoft will depend on the people and resources you have already invested in.

If you have a customer asking for a Microsoft Dynamics solution, we encourage you to use Partner Channel Builder to network with Microsoft Dynamics partners in your local area to ensure your customer receives the service and support they need. This option will allow you to collaborate with, and learn from, a skilled and trained Microsoft Dynamics organization.

Microsoft Dynamics partners as a group are enjoying significant and market-beating growth in customer adds and associated revenue. These results were derived from the 2007 Partner Economics Survey, designed by Microsoft, IDC, and MSI International. Also executed by MSI International, the survey polled 218 value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, consultants, and independent software vendors (ISVs) throughout the world that are current Microsoft Dynamics partners. IDC has also added insights drawn from in-depth interviews of eight survey participants considered to have high-performance Microsoft Dynamics practices. Read the IDC report—Partnering with Microsoft: Eight Steps to Profitability (XPS 444 KB).

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