Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Meet the global demands of your industry and business—today and in the future

Empower your people with self-service business intelligence

In today's competitive markets, success depends on empowering everyone in the organization—individuals, teams, and executives—with self-service access to business intelligence (BI) information. With the robust, out-of-the-box capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can get quick access to personalized BI information using familiar, easy-to-use tools. As an end-to-end business management solution built on the proven Microsoft technology stack—including the performance and services affiliated with Microsoft SQL Server—Microsoft Dynamics AX can solve today's business intelligence challenges with integrated information and tools, custom BI access, flexible viewing and analysis capabilities, and scalability for future growth.

  • Simplify information access with Role Centers and familiar tools that work the way you do. Role Centers provide quick access to information, tasks, scorecards, and reporting based on the individual’s role.

  • Take advantage of pre-defined reports based on SQL Server Reporting Services. For specialized needs, these reports can be modified or exported to Microsoft Excel quickly and easily without the need of IT staff.

  • Increase flexibility with ad hoc reporting.

  • Gather fundamental business information from multiple departments or subsidiaries and analyze productivity, profitability, margins, and trends to help decision-makers throughout your company understand current operations and resolve problems early and easily.

  • Gain flexibility for information sharing, analysis, and collaboration. Together with Microsoft Office SharePoint technologies and other Microsoft Office programs, Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers your people with options for sharing data, collaboration tools, shared resource repositories, and team workspaces.

  • Create and track key performance indicators in main business areas, such as number of leads. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides default datacubes for creating and tracking performance goals throughout your organization.

"Now, almost any employee can do desktop database mining without even realizing they’re doing it. They log on and the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored user interface is right on their desktop."

John Elmer
VP of Finance and IT
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization

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