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It's not easy managing the challenges of compliance. Not only must you deal with the increasing demands of doing business in a fast-changing global environment, you also need to provide relevant and timely information, and report accurately and regularly to authorities, business partners, stakeholders, and shareholders. Dealing with these challenges to enforce compliance can be complicated and costly.

Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you a cost-effective way to simplify the challenges of compliance by helping your organization improve internal controls and increase visibility into compliance-related processes and activities.

Here’s how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help simplify compliance and mitigate the risk of noncompliance:

Empower more employees. Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy to learn and use, enabling more people in your organization to use the system. The more people who use the system the better control you have over your business processes and corporate procedures.

  • RoleTailored design in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to meet individual user needs to inspire greater productivity.

  • A task-centric interface customized to each user's preferences and role helps individuals focus on what's critical to their specific jobs.

  • The Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps empower employees to respond faster and more accurately to compliance-related tasks and actions. Compliance information and alerts are presented in a way that is easy to understand and easier to act upon.

Take control of your processes. Standard operating procedures can help ensure that efficient and consistent actions are carried out in your organization. Automating the processes associated with standard operating procedures, such as recording tasks and adjusting requirements, help people focus on activities that add value to your business.

  • Enforce standard operating procedures with embedded workflows that automate business processes, and enable your organization to respond quickly to changing market needs.

  • Create individual workflows or business processes to automate compliance with corporate policies and procedures.

  • Help ensure consistency with standardized, repeatable processes that can reliably aggregate compliance data.

Prepare your organization to meet compliance requirements. Now you can enable your organization to meet a variety of compliance requirements and customer mandates, including financial, legal, and environmental.

  • Comply with local regulatory environments with built-in support for 36 countries and 40 languages.

  • Meet regulatory requirements for your specific industry using Microsoft Dynamics AX industry solutions.

  • Support green supply chain strategies and gain visibility into your organization’s energy consumption with the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard and environmental management accounting template.

See the whole picture. Visibility and control of compliance-related processes and activities are key factors in enforcing effective compliance. Now you can:

  • Help ensure transparency into corporate governance and compliance activities with the Compliance Center, a single location for policies and procedures, process documents, database logs, reports, charts, and key risk indicators.

  • Gain insight into compliance activities with business intelligence tools that help you track and monitor changes to internal events.

Reduce costs. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps enable organizations to reduce the total cost of compliance out-of-the-box. It helps reduce the manual processes that reduce productivity and lead to higher costs by automating and streamlining standard methodologies for risk and compliance processes. Designed with the user in mind, Microsoft Dynamics AX is people-ready and works like other, familiar Microsoft products—so your people can get up and running quickly and focus on what’s important.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Center
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The Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Center

“Managing risk is an integral part of my job, and Microsoft Dynamics AX makes my job easier. I can access critical company information from within the Executive Role Center and see a 360-degree view of our global IT and finance operations, ranging from compliance risks to how the company is tracking against forecasts.”

John Elmer, VP of Finance and IT
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organizations

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