Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

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Retail Chain Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Streamline your retail operations to manage products, processes, transactions, and business relationships—from category management, through supply chain, to point of sale (POS) and services. Retail Chain Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive solution that enables you to optimize merchandising using flexible configuration tools, streamline supply chain processes with access to integrated data, and connect POS systems and back-office systems. With real-time access to critical data, you can control inventory levels, make better informed decisions, and spot evolving customer trends quickly.

Supply chain management

  • Integrate planning, organization, execution, and followup for all supply chain flows.

  • Set up centralized rules to guide ordering, replenishment, and stock management.

  • Boost operational efficiency and move goods efficiently.

  • Automate inventory control and warehouse processes.

  • Negotiate with suppliers for the most advantageous pricing, timing, and product placement.

Price management

  • Set up and control flexible pricing and discounts.

  • Assign a range of sales prices and discounts to any individual product, category, store, or chain.

  • Manage pricing by store or store group.

  • Print labels and shelf markers using individualized store layouts.

Campaign management

  • Optimize stock levels at stores and distribution centers.

  • Use flexible price structures, allocations, and adjustments.

  • Manage campaigns and promotional pricing with integrated supply chain services.

Warehouse management

  • Track sales and inventory in real time using key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Calculate delivery dates based on predefined trade parameters.

  • Use a mix of cross-docking, internal movement, and vendor-ordering activities.

Inventory management

  • Help create the best replenishment plan using real-time inventory level data.

  • Provide mobile access to warehouse processes for stocking and restocking, discarding, and returning.

  • Define campaign distribution plans to push items from a central warehouse.

Store management

  • Link all sales data on the transaction level from POS to the individual salesperson.

  • Prevent loss and reduce margin of error.

  • Manage store closing and money count approval procedures.

Price calculation

  • View and calculate gross margin, including markup cost.

  • Calculate an accurate landed cost.

  • Define the duration of individual sale prices and discounts.

  • Automate price changes, data collection, and bar code creation.

Point of sale (POS) technology

  • Control cash registers from one location to tract orders, prepayments, invoices, and cash payments.

  • Integrate Microsoft and third-party POS solutions, and synchronize master data and item sales information.

Critical data reporting

  • Access critical information from across your retail operation.

  • Improve visibility and margins.

  • Provide business intelligence, such as store, sales, and vendor performance reports.

Item management

  • Perform advanced item searches.

  • Track the status of returned items quickly and accurately from customer to original vendor.

Integration with familiar software

  • Maximize your investment and help reduce costs.

  • Build on your IT infrastructure.

  • Integrate with a wide range of Microsoft business software and third-party POS systems.

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