Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Meet the global demands of your industry and business—today and in the future

Today’s retail environment offers ever-expanding opportunity while also posing unprecedented challenges. Retailers have more channels to reach their customers and grow globally, but they must also serve an empowered consumer with access to more information and choice—forcing retailers to leverage IT in an entirely different way to drive visibility across the organization to react quickly; seize new opportunities; and build customer loyalty. Finally, retailers must find new ways to make their most valuable asset—people—more productive to enable a “Connected Experience for Retail.”

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

A new comprehensive retail solution

“Connected Experiences for Retail” is the Microsoft vision to empower retailers to connect people, processes and technologies to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions and capabilities that resonate with consumers and lead to rich, lasting customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a powerful end-to-end retail solution that delivers on this vision for both midsize and enterprise specialty retailers through real-time visibility to critical data and complete central control of all critical activity at the retail stores. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail helps retailers gain insight into customer behavior and then use it to optimize the whole chain of operations—from sales to supply and distribution. The end-to-end solution will uniquely support point-of-sale, store management, merchandizing, and ERP business processes through deep integration out of the box that helps solve the challenge of complexity faced by retailers.

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail in more than 16 countries with an additional 22 planned for the first quarter of 2011. Read more.