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Content syndication with Office 365

Turn your website into a powerful lead generator. Start syndicating Office 365 content today on your company’s website.

  • Easy implementation
  • No need to update content once implemented – we’ll take care of that!
  • Start receiving official Microsoft product content on your website

Why you should support your client in moving to the cloud

Microsoft continues to create innovative ways to stay one step ahead of security threats. Products like Office 365 meet the toughest EU data protection regulations.

    Office 365:
  • Allows SMBs to stay flexible in today’s ever changing market
  • Reduces your clients’ IT management costs
  • Lets your clients work from everywhere – safely

Three simple steps to help you generate more leads.

Step 1

Visit PMC and select the Office 365 syndication content

Step 2

Embed the automatically generated code on your website (no custom coding needed)

Step 3

Start generating leads with official Microsoft product content right on your own website. All trials and purchases will be associated with your official partner ID.

Start generating more Office 365 leads

Watch our how-to videos

Want to learn how content syndication works or find out more about compliance, privacy and security in the Microsoft Cloud? Watch a couple of short videos.

What is content syndication?

How to use content syndication

For additional guidance, please download our PMC How-To Guide

Watch how Microsoft complies with EU regulations.