Microsoft Security Approach

There are multiple files available for this download. Each document presents an on-going or evolving security or cybercrime issue along with the policies and the approaches Microsoft is taking. This information is relevant to organizations of all sizes.
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    January 2014

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    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet botnets.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet End-to-end Trust.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Collective Defense.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Compating Online Fraud.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Critical Infrastructure Protection.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Cyber Security.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Cybersecurity Norms.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Data Breach Notification.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR).pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Microsoft Security Response Center.pdf

    Fact Sheets\Fact Sheet_Supply Chain Security.pdf

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      This package of 12 documents provides an overview of pressing security and cybercrimes challenges faced by businesses, governments, and consumers, and then present the approaches and policies Microsoft is interacting to overcome these issues. Topics include end-to-end trust, botnets, online fraud, cyber security, and supply chain security, along with Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and Security Intelligence Report (SIR). Complementing these security resources is a “Protect your Devices & Documents Security Kit,” “Be Safe Online Security Kit,” and “Be Safe on Social Networks Security Kit.”
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    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista

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