Protect your Devices & Documents Security Kit

This download consists of flyers, videos, and posters, which provide an introduction into ways employees can protect their devices (i.e. laptop, tablet, smart phone, and other hardware) and documents by implementing security features, and awareness of potential vulnerabilities.
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    January 2014

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    Booklet Online Fraud Guide to Preventation, Detection and Recovery.pdf

    Brochure Defend Your Computer.pdf

    Brochure Protecting Your Information On the Go.pdf

    Devices_Back Up Win Phone 8.pdf

    Devices_Protect your mobile device.pdf

    Flyer Digital Citizenship Begins with You.pdf

    Poster Phone advice.pdf

    Poster Proper use at work.pdf

    Poster Protect corporate data.pdf

    Quiz Test Your Internet Security IQ.pdf

    Video Mobile phones.mp4

    Video Stay Sharp on Internet Safety at Home.wmv

    Video Stay Sharp on Internet Safety_At Work.wmv

    Video Stay Sharp on Internet Safety_Protect Your Computer.wmv


    Video STOP.THINK.CONNECT_at Home.wmv

    Video STOP.THINK.CONNECT_at Work.wmv

    White paper Consumerization of IT.pdf

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      These resources – brochures, flyers, videos, and posters -- provide an insight into how employees can protect their devices and documents. Also included is a quiz for testing a person’s internet security understanding, a white paper on Consumerization of IT@Microsoft, list of helpful web sites and additional resources, and several educational videos that are ideal for team and company meetings. Several of the flyers and posters are provided as PowerPoint so they can be customized with company logo and contacts. The flyers can be turned into a single documents, and used for employee training. Complementing these security resources is a “Be Safe Online Security Kit,” “Be Safe on Social Networks Security Kit,” and “Security Best Practices.”
  • Supported Operating Systems:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista

      Adobe Reader
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