Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is our customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises or with a hybrid combination.

Sell effectively

Sales features include:

  • Mobile Sales
  • Account management
  • Social insights
  • Collaborative selling
  • Sales analytics

Your customers know more than ever before – making buying decisions before you can even engage. Your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey – building deeper relationships with customers and personalising every interaction.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we help you reimagine sales around this new customer journey. Your sales reps can zero in, win faster and sell more.

Care everywhere.

Service features include:

  • Multichannel service
  • Unified Service Desk
  • Enterprise case management
  • Knowledge base
  • Social customer service

Social and mobile have transformed customers' service expectations. Customers expect quality, personalised service – on their terms – across the web, social, mobile and phone.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can earn customers for life by providing relevant, personalised service – at any time and via any channel. Empower your agents with everything that they need at their fingertips to deliver amazing customer service.

Market smarter.

Marketing features include:

  • Campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Marketing resource management
  • Social marketing
  • Marketing analytics

Marketing is changing faster than ever before. Marketers own more of the customer journey and must engage customers in new ways across new channels to deliver amazing experiences, while tracking the results of their marketing investments.

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, we help you unleash your marketing potential. You can easily plan, execute and measure campaigns from start to finish. Bring your marketing vision to life – engage customers across channels, build pipeline and demonstrate the impact of your marketing.

Social for everyone.

Social CRM features include:

  • Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Insights by InsideView
  • Yammer
  • Social customer service

In today's social and mobile world, businesses need to move faster and share knowledge more broadly than ever before. They also need to connect to customers on their terms, which increasingly means engaging through social.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables your sales, service and marketing teams to deliver amazing customer experiences by empowering them with social tools built right into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Office 365 + Power BI

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365 and Power BI drives sales productivity by making teams highly connected and collaborative so they can close more deals, faster. Get sales productivity today for EUR €70,00/user/month.

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Topaz improves sales and customer service with its company-wide CRM solution, designed in partnership with Storm Technology and built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Pricing and licensing information


Recommended for sales professionals
EUR €54,78


Includes these features:

  • Workflows and approvals
  • Sales automation
  • Customer service automation
  • Sales campaigns
  • Reports and personal dashboards
  • Integration via web services
  • Mobile access
  • Access to customisations and extensions

Sales Productivity

Recommended for sales teams on the go
EUR €70,00



Includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional Add-on to Office 365 plus Office 365 Enterprise E5 which includes:

  • Office Suite 2016
  • Online Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging and Skype Connectivity
  • Cloud-based call management
  • PSTN Conferencing (in select geographies)
  • Advanced Email and Calendars
  • Advanced Security
  • Analytics tools
  • Mobility
  • Work Management

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Note: The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pro Add-On to Office 365 E5 is now available at EUR €70,00/user/month for new customers.

Already an Office 365 Enterprise E3 or higher customer?
Add Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional Add-On to Office 365 to your subscription for EUR €42,20 per user /month and help make your sales team more productive.



Recommended for marketing and customer support professionals
EUR €168,63



Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise includes:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional
  • Microsoft Social Listening Professional
  • Parature Enterprise
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Enterprise

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