Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Meet the global demands of your industry and business—today and in the future

Improve business analysis and empower your people with Microsoft Dynamics AX business intelligence and reporting tools

In today’s competitive markets, success depends on empowering everyone in your organization—individuals, teams, and executives—with self-service access to business intelligence information. With the robust, out-of-the-box business analysis capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can get quick access to personalized business intelligence (BI) information by using familiar, easy-to-use tools.

As an end-to-end business analysis management solution built on the proven Microsoft technology stack—including the performance and services within Microsoft SQL Server—Microsoft Dynamics AX can solve today’s business intelligence challenges with integrated information and tools, custom BI access, flexible viewing and analysis capabilities, and scalability for future growth. Microsoft Dynamics AX, with or without the addition of PerformancePoint Server, is designed specifically to deliver the insight you need to drive business success.

  • Empower your people to make confident decisions and drive organizational success. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 integrates with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to deliver extensible reporting tools and a BI platform that provides access to relevant, real-time data across your organization.

  • Get fast, reliable, and comprehensive accounting, financial reporting, and analysis capabilities. Extend access to your business community, at the appropriate level, and improve the efficiency of your existing accounting processes.

  • Combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 with the flexible performance management tools of Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 to simplify monitoring, deeply analyze business performance, and enhance planning and budgeting.

Business intelligence and reporting capabilities by edition


Business Essentials

Advanced Management

Advanced Management Enterprise*

Add on components

Business analysis


Default Data Cubes including RoleTailored KPIs


Integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services


Integration with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007


*Advanced Management Enterprise available as additional components for the Advanced Management edition only.


Feature included

= Feature included

Feature available with Advanced Management Enterprise options

= Feature available with Advanced Management Enterprise options. You must have the Advanced Management edition to get features marked Advanced Management Enterprise only.

Feature available to add on to either edition

= Feature available to add on to either edition

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