Microsoft Dynamics GP

Trade in business as usual for more productivity and less effort

Elevate your business productivity with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Integrate enhanced functionality and implement powerful collaboration with a solution that works the way your people work

The most important driving force for business success is its people. They fuel productivity by moving your business forward and by keeping customers and suppliers happy and engaged. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the right tools to enable your organization and all of the people in it to tackle the most complex business challenges.

Through enhanced business management functionality and advanced collaborative capabilities, you can empower your people with familiar solutions, resulting in greater productivity throughout your business.

Accelerate and automate business-critical processes

  • Focus on what matters most. Allow your employees to take routine tasks, such as timesheets and expenses, online, significantly reducing paperwork and data re-entry for back office workers.

  • Bring financial management, customer relationship management, and supply chain information to all desktop users. Extend the value of Microsoft Dynamics GP to more of your people with direct, roles-based access to the information they need to do their jobs.

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by implementing workflows. With the Windows Workflow Foundation in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, you can automate important processes across applications and formats. Some examples include notifications and approval routings for purchase orders, sales orders, financial batches, and credit limit overrides.

  • Increase managerial productivity. Enhance the ability of your human resources and business managers to make critical staff decisions with online access to the specific employee information they need.

Share insight and boost collaboration

  • Access information from any location. Enable mobile and remote access by making information that is traditionally resident in the back office accessible to all employees, customers, and vendors, wherever they are. This is done through creating intranet or extranet portals that provide people with the information and business functions they need.

  • Remain protected with security-enabled extranet access. Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction with highly secure access to company data, documents, and business functionality.

  • Facilitate collaboration. When you use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can offer your people tools for easy collaboration with centralized reporting, advanced search capabilities, and automated workflows.

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