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Who are apple? Whats Android again? Windows and Nokia have truly made an incredible product that lives up to the hype! Having had several android phones as well as iphones windows phone was a complete mystery to me. Currently working in a phone store I was intrigued when this phone came out. Had a look through it and decided to take the plunge and very happy I did. The lumia 1020 is an incredible device which lives up to the hype that surrounds it. The software is slick, its fast, straight forward and the camera is just WOW. My only issues would be that windows 8 needs a few basic tweaks, a proper notification bar, a better way of sorting out multitasking and finally a bit more user of a drag and drop approach with Macs would be appreciated. People that go on about the windows app store and the lack of apps have every right to go on about it BUT the android store once was very small and although has loads of apps, they are all filled with ads and dont seem to do much, as for the app store, if you want to pay for every app you want then go for it. Long story short, if you are bored after using your iphone (cant take too long) or dont want millions of ways to do one thing on your thing (android) then go for this phone. You wont be disappointed. Its the "3210" of this generation. 21 October 2013
Excellent device as well an amazing camera The Lumia 1020 is truly an amazing phone that will and does stand out from the competition. The build quality is Nokia's premium and we all know what that means. It simply feels GREAT in your hands. I'm sure many have held an iPhone already, but simply holding this phone, will blow you away already. Windows Phone is a new take on mobile usage. It's fresh UI and features are well worth alone switching to it. But the real selling point of this phone is its Camera. It's a real contender (and winner) against many Point&Shoot camera out there. It really gives you MORE than those P&S, due to the amazing details it is able to capture even in low light (thanks to its stabiliser). The choice of colors is also great and they are pure palette colors, meaning the Yellow is a real nice bright yellow. Compare that to the pale colors of the new iPhone 5c. The colors are also matte instead of glossy and that GREATLY adds to the overall premium feeling of this phone. The glossy finish of the 920 was a mistake (to me) and it is a mistake on the new iPhone 5c. Anyway I highly recommend this phone to anyone that is serious about having a great phone AND a proper, real, camera. 21 October 2013
Fantastic Product Basically this phone has everything that I could possibly need. Really good battery life , excellent standby time, superb image quality with the 41mp sensor , and 64gb of Memory? This phone is a Titan and perfect for everything including emails , music , internet and calls/texts . Go get it ....... :) 05 October 2013
Lumia 1020: See more. What is the thing we do most with our phones? Message friends? Use social networks? Take photos? For me its the latter. Smartphones have replaced our point and shoot cameras and for good reason up until now it was easier to share and create great photos even if sometimes the quality lagged behind. I say up until now because with the Lumia 1020 everything has changed, quality is no longer an issue day or night. Not only does this phone take better photos than your standard point and shoot you have lying around it does so with such ease and simplicity that it will leave you stunned. With the Lumia 1020 you can see and do more. Shoot now, frame later. The 41MP sensor allows you to manipulate your photos with ease with Nokia's smart camera mode you don't need to worry what mode to choose Nokia works it out for you and with it you can get super creative but with added manual controls such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed available its a great tool for pros and beginners alike. 24 October 2013
Best phone I have ever owned After being a little cautious about spending a considerable amount on a 1020, I can easily say I don't regret my purchase for a second. The camera is obviously the biggest draw and it more than lives up to expectations. Battery life is great, build quality is Nokia standard awesome, screen bright & colourful and the OS is easy and clear to use. The camera hump takes a little getting used to whilst holding the phone, but after maybe a day I now find it really comfortable and secure in my hand. Overall, total quality! 13 November 2013
Marvelous device 41MP camera with excellent software that allows the camera to be used to it's full potential. The phone has a 'calls+SMS filter' that allows you to block calls & texts from a specified list including unknown numbers. As for Windows Phone operating system, it has all the apps you could possible want with a host of Xbox Live games as well. Wireless charging case is sold separately as is the dock but it is worth it for the convenience . 14 October 2013
Easily the best phone on the market! Clearly the camera is the main feature of this phone. It's not only better than any phone gamer out there, but walks over any compact I've ever seen. Even though it lacks an optical zoom, you can just take a picture and crop it afterwards without loosing any detail. The Nokia camera app has a cool series of wheels that pop out allowing you to adjust ISO, exposure, shutter speed, focus depth and white balance. These wheels maintain the image in the background, saving you having to fiddle through various menus. The display is clear as crystal, I've yet had any problems being unable to see it in bright sunshine. The resolution is pretty tight too. My one quarm with this phone was the quality of sound when listening to music, found it to be pretty flat. I say was because then I found Dolby Digital settings in the settings menu and found by default it was switched off. Once i turned it on the sound became a lot richer with good depth. It even has an equalizer which I've never known to exist on a phone natively. It's not the smallest phone out there and can be difficult to use with just one hand. Also it's by no means light. But It feels strong and well put together. The buttons on the side also have a solid click to them. I can't fault Window Phone 8 as an operating system. Once you've set everything up and fired up all your accounts, it all fits together seamlessly. All your instant messaging accounts plus your text messages all go into the same place. You can link up all your email accounts into one inbox. Through photos not only can you view one's taken with the camera, but also Facebook albums. This particular phone happens to have a contact filter so you can block individual texts or phone calls by contact. Seems to have decent enough battery life. Lasts a good 24-30 hours for me on an average day. Maybe 10-16 on a heavy day. The internet explorer is pretty much fully functional, has tabs, loads almost any web page. I could go on for days but I'll just leave you with this... If your thinking of buying this phone, just do it, you won't regret it. Especially if you are already on Windows Phone. If your switching from Android or Apple, you may miss an app here or there, but to be honest you'll either find an equivalent or after a week forget all about it. Happy Snapping! 30 October 2013
A fantastic phone,a great camera and a pleasure to use I’ve had my Lumia 1020 for a week now, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. Let’s start with the design; this phone is fantastic to hold and admire. The smooth polycarbonate feels very nice and I’ve grown to really like the camera bump, which isn’t as obvious as you might think, as it looks very unique, kinda stylish and actually helps with the grip. When the phone is laid flat, it is raised a bit due to the bump, but this didn’t prove to be an issue for me. I’ve got a fantastic bright yellow-coloured 1020, which I was a bit uncertain of at first (it was gifted to me, I didn’t choose the colour) I now really love. It’s so unique, eye-catching and fun yet it somehow remains quite professional with that contrasting black camera sensor. If you’re uncertain about any of the design features, I would recommend trying to find somewhere where you can get a hands-on with the phone, because it needs to be seen with your own eyes to really appreciate the design and feels amazing. The screen is a perfect size, and very vibrant. I have found, however, that after a week of use my screen has developed very faint scratches in particular areas that can only be seen when held up to light and looked at closely – it’s worth mentioning that they are invisible unless you really look for them. Now, I think I can put this down to a particular time period and this is really my fault. I also know that there is no phone that can be used without developing scratches such as these, but I tried very hard to look after this phone until the screen protectors arrived, and yet it still developed them, so I would suggest that if you are like me and want to really preserve your phone in mint condition, then I’d buy some screen protectors. If not, this phone feels very well-built and I’m sure it would last several years without sustaining too much damage if it’s looked after properly. Either way, this doesn’t detract from the experience of the phone, because the rest looks and feels fantastically built, but I thought I’d mention it. I can’t really do a review without talking about the camera. To sum it up in one word: Wow. Every (and I mean EVERY) shot I have taken looks really quite professional, vibrant and sharp. The camera allows the capture of both a 34/38MP and a 5MP shot simultaneously, with the large image kept for cropping or editing as a super-massive file, and the 5MP used for sharing. But make no mistake, that 5MP image could easily be mistaken for an 8MP, as it’s so sharp and vibrant due to Nokia’s oversampling tech. The camera app is fantastic and allows you to play around with your shots, or leave it on auto if you wish, and Nokia’s range of editing applications is incredibly useful and fun. I was never really a photographer, but since I used this phone, I’m considering much more how I take my shots to get a great result. The camera definitely lives up to the hype. I’m in the rather unusual position of being able to say that moving to Windows Phone 8 actually gave me access to more apps – having moved from a Windows Phone 7.8 device, I found the app store to be much better and I could download much more. All the apps I want are there, either in the official forms (Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Instagram, and soon BBM) or brilliant third-part alternatives (6snap, for example, a great Snapchat client). Again, having moved from an older version of Windows Phone, I found the OS easy to use and navigate and I don’t think I could ever move to an Android or iOS device without missing those live tiles and the simple but stylish layout of Windows. Battery life-wise, I found that after turning off some power-consuming features such as NFC, Bluetooth, Glance and Double-tap-to-wake saved a lot of power. I really like the last two, but they are massive power drains as they require the screen to be on at all times. I found that with minimal use, the phone lasted me 2.5 days, which was amazing, and with normal use it will quite happily last me through a day. Using the camera changes this however, as it requires more power due to the massive amount of processing it has to do, so the Nokia Camera Grip or Portable Charger (both of which I own and can say are very useful) are handy if you want to use the camera for a long period of time. The camera will heat up a bit after extended use (particularly using the camera loads or, for me, playing Temple Run), but that’s understandable as it is aluminium and it doesn’t ever get to a level where I become worried. One thing that I feel that I have to mention, and I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned before, is to do with the earphones that come with the Yellow variant of the 1020. Yep, you might have guessed it – they’re bright yellow, just like the phone – which I love, as the fact that most people have black-white earphones and I have bright yellow ones make them feel a bit more personal to me, and they’ve got good quality sound, whichever colour you get, as well as coming with a range of ‘buds’ that you can change so they fit in your ear just right. To sum it up, I love my phone. It is the best smartphone I’ve used yet, and the best camera I’ve ever had the privilege of using. I can’t see me letting go of it for a long, long time. 05 June 2014
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