Nokia Lumia 620
Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 150 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by From Lumia 710 to 620 Great phone, great build quality packed full off Nokia goodies plus very cheap compared to other Windows Phone 8 devices Best Features Nokia Apps Integration with Windows 8 Memory Card Slot Xbox Integration Had issues with syncing music to the memory card as it corrupted the music information but sync the music to phone memory then move it to the memory card within the phone itself. 05 February 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Perfect smartphone, especially for newbies! I love my new Nokia Lumia 620! It has a fantastic build quality (as usual with being a Nokia) and the Windows Phone 8 software is a breeze to use. I've been very surprised at the battery as well as thought it would drain quicker but it has exceeded my expectations easily. Reviewers on tech sites seem to keep slating the app store. I don't use many apps but I have found all the essentials that I need and they all work great. The size of the phone is just perfect to me as personally I am not a fan of the larger screens, and only have small hands, yet still find texting easy with the great keyboard. I'd recommend this phone to anyone and am already encouraging a few family members to treat themselves and upgrade to this handset. 06 February 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great phone, great value, pleasantly surprised! The Lumia 620 is a great little phone which ticks most of the boxes for personal and business use alike. The battery life is pleasantly good lasting over a day with normal medium useage. The phone reception/call quality is excellent as can be expected from a Nokia device. In fact I regularly get an extra bar compared with other phones I own. Okay the camera and some other features are not on a par with its bigger brothers (920; 820), but for the most part the 620 keeps up pretty well! I love the relatively small size (3.8' screen) coming from Nokia N8 and find the handset very light and useable with one hand. I do miss a few key features from my N8 such as the camera, fm transmitter/receiver, HDMI/AV out, USB OTG, but the overall software experience is much more fluid than the N8. The onscreen keyboard is very nice/quick to type and far more useable than the N8, although I do wish Microsoft would allow 3rd party keyboards like Swype to be available. There were a few other niggles such as not being able to pull down battery/network/time status when in 3rd party apps, but a quick press of the home button and a swipe down from the top helps here. The multitasking (not true) just works and in some ways I am preferring the improved functionality which doesn't eat as much memory as eg. N9 with live multitasking. The multitasking panels are accessed via the back button and the running apps use minimal memory until they are accessed again. The only slight niggle I would have is that when in the multitasking pane, it would be great to just swipe up to remove apps running in this mode. The notification areas are generally segregated between emails, SMS, facebook, SKYPE etc. It would be great to have an integrated notifications area ala N9 MeeGo. I believe MS are working on this though so lets hope for an update soon. Not being able to transmit FM is something I really miss but hardly any other handsets offer this now (808 pureview is about the only recent phone that does) so will just have to purchase a cheap external FM transmitter. The lack of AV output really baffles me on all the WP8 range - Nokia always offered this on their smartphones so I can only assume/hope Microsoft are working on software to allow this in future. At the price I paid, the Lumia 620 more than satisfies and it's day-to-day functionality will satisfy most with it's simple intuitive interface and lag free operation. The 3.8' screen is crisp, clear and very good, very similar to the screen on the N8. The Windows app store offers me more than enough choice in terms of software and Nokia bring a great selection of their own apps to the plate here. Nokia Drive is hands down THE best satnav software available on a smartphone. With the ability to use offline GPS only (as long as you have previously downloaded the maps for the country you are in), this is simply unbelievable. I recently took a trip abroad, and once I'd downloaded new maps for the country I was in (you can download any countries maps for free on a wifi network!), Nokia drive performed flawlessly throughout the trip. If you compare this to Android or Iphone, I would have required a data connection (ie. new sim card or expensive roaming) to navigate my way. The removable back plates are a welcome addition which make the phone feel less precious than a £500 unibody design (ie. you can always buy a new back if you want). The removable battery and micro SD slot are also excellent features which I wouldn't want to be without. Coming from the N8, I do wish there were a few more hardware features like the ones I mentioned but at a quarter of the price of the higher end models which also don't have the abovementioned features, I really can't complain. All in all a great little phone which I can't really fault and for the price you are getting a phone oozing charm and sophistication seen at the higher end. If I was being picky I would criticize solely based on the lack of AV/HDMI output. 20 February 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent phone with fabulous design Initially Windows 8 has been freaking scary; so much different to the usual Nokia interface. After a short panic attack this phone cannot be easier to use. Has all the essential aps and the size is just perfect. All I need now is the green case and I am sorted. Battery life is 3 days which is so much better than many smart phones. 15 February 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Brilliant phone - easy to use. I have been the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 620 for about three weeks. Before this I was a BlackBerry user. I have to say that the switch to Windows Mobile 8 was very easy and I have found the whole process pleasurable. Setting up the phone was easy, Emails (2 accounts), Wifi, customisation of apps and usability are all great. I did try a number of other phones but this one won easily. The size is perfect and I have no issues with weight - it's nice and sturdy. I like the way the back fits and feels and I feel that this is a strong point of the phone - I find that too many phones have poor flimsy backs. The colours offered are great - though I have a black one. There is a very good range of apps available and these are easy to download, install and use. The buttons are all on one side which means that you don't pick the phone up and press a load of buttons by accident (a problem I regularly experienced with my BlackBerry). Screen is good and clear, as is sound. For the money, this is a great phone and I would recommend it to anyone - young and old. 21 February 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Slim, lightweight, easy touchscreen, fits handbag, colourful & lots of options This is a modern, up-to-the-minute smart phone. I hadn't considered a Windows mobile as I work on a Mac at home and have an ipad. I'm really pleased with my choice; the outer black body/shell is a great background for all the colour options the handset offers, alongwith adjustable size 'tiles' on the home screen and adjustable size text - really important if you wear glasses for reading or if, like me, the pads of your fingers are less than petite! Very good tariffs for this phone with O2. 03 March 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 this phone is a must! I love this phone, the sound quality is excellent, as is the picture quality... i normally have an issue with typing on touch screens, no such issue on this mobile. The colored shells add a really personal touch. i moved from a blackberry to the lumia 620, and its safe to say I will stay with Nokia from now on, the windows 8 is laid out so well, you never get tired of looking at it because you can change it all the time. Such an excellent little mobile phone, and for such a good price! 06 March 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love love love my new Nokia After much debate i decided to go for the Nokia, Windows 8 phone over an Android phone and i haven't been disappointed. The design of the Windows 8 is very appealing and it's extremely easy to use. You can pin your favourite apps and functions to the front screen for easy access. I have downloaded quiet a few apps and haven't found any really missing that i need. The battery life is good and last for about 3 days on medium use. In the settings you can turn on the battery saver which helps the battery last alittle longer. This is my first smartphone and i think it is quiet value for money. A definite must. 20 April 2013
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