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Your Privacy and Service Terms for Xpress Browser

February 2015

This notice combined with Microsoft Mobile Service Terms together with Microsoft Mobile's Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Terms”) govern your use of the Xpress Browser service, site and software (collectively, the “Service”). The Service is designed to let you explore the full Internet by enabling you to access websites and web apps, even those sites which were designed for desktop browsers.

The Service uses advanced, cloud-based technology with high speed Internet connections to render and optimize web pages. When you request a web page using the Service, the request is routed through a Microsoft Mobile server on its way to the destination website. The Microsoft Mobile server receives the page from the destination website, renders and optimizes it for your device, compresses the data and sends the response back to your device. This optimization can shrink web pages substantially, and as a result you can experience faster browsing and browse more web pages with your data plan.

Data Transmission Charges

Cellular Data service or Wi-Fi (where supported by the device) is required to access the Internet through the Service. Web browsing may involve transmission of large amounts of data. Actual data charges will vary based upon amount of pages viewed, network service provider data rate plans and other factors. Contact your network service provider for information about data transmission charges.

What information do we collect?

Your browsing is not associated to any personally identifiable information. We do not collect or otherwise access any of the information you view in web pages or web apps nor do we collect any information that you may enter into a website or web app using the Service without your consent.

Cookies, bookmarks and other saved items: Cookies are small bits of information stored by websites within your browser to assist the website in displaying or customizing information presented. The cookies set by the websites you access through the Service are stored in our servers. You may delete these cookies at any time by selecting “clear cookies” or “clear all personal data” from the settings menu.

The Service also allows you to save bookmarks or favorite web sites. If you choose to save these bookmarks, they are stored on the device, not on our servers. You may, at any time, delete these bookmarks by selecting them and deleting them or by selecting “clear all personal data” from the settings menu.

Likewise, the Service may also allow you to store your user names and passwords to enable you to log into your favorite websites more quickly and easily. If you choose to use this feature, the user names and passwords are store securely on the device; they are not stored on our servers. You may, at any time, delete these by selecting “clear passwords” or “clear all personal data” from the settings menu.

Location: The Service supports standard geo-location features. With your consent, the Service allows web sites or web applications to attain the location of your device. You may opt out of sharing of location information via the settings menu.

Random identifier and other server logs: A random, unique identifier is assigned to the Service to enable our servers to associate your browser with the cookies stored as well as browser and device level configurations (for example language or image quality) required to process web pages. Information such as the browser configuration (device type, browser version, IP address, etc.), time stamp, geo-location (if enabled), and all information entered into the URL bar (URL’s or searches) may be automatically logged by our servers. This information is not used to identify you personally.

What are your choices?

The settings menu of the Service includes controls to manage your privacy. Depending on the product, software platform and version of these, availability of the settings and features may differ:

Managing cookies allows you to clear the cookies stored and where available, disable storage of the cookies.

Clear history allows you to clear the browsing history stored securely on the device.

Clear personal data allows you to clear cookies, browsing history, user names and passwords, bookmarks and other saved items. This command will also replace your existing random unique identifier with a new one.

Location settings allow you to turn the geo-location feature on or off for websites and web apps. This also enables or disables geo-location logging.

Improvement program allows you to turn on or off our improvement program.

How we use the information we have collected?

In addition to using the information stored to provide you with the Service, we may also use the information to help us develop our products and services. We may also choose to recommend other websites to visit or display advertising based on URL’s visited and/or based on the current geo-location of your device.

What safeguards are in place?

Our servers are protected by technical and organizational information security measures to prevent any unauthorized access to or processing of any user data stored on our servers.

Secure Traffic (HTTPS): The Service is designed to render and optimize all of your browsing traffic in our servers to provide you with a fast and efficient experience. When you access sites with an HTTPS connection, the Service establishes a secure connection between your device and our servers and from our servers to the destination website. The device to server connection is secured either by industry standard strong AES encryption or by HTTPS/SSL encryption. The server to destination website is secured by HTTPS/SSL encryption. Web Pages are securely transmitted from the website to our servers where they are rendered and optimized before being securely transmitted to the device. The information contained in the web pages is used only by our servers for rendering and optimizing the page for transmission to the device. Microsoft Mobile will not store or access this information for any other purpose.

What else should you know?

You may contact us through our local customer care team or through following contact details:
Microsoft Mobile Oy
c/o Privacy
Keilalahdentie 4
02150 Espoo

Please note that the website and content provided by third-party publishers often have terms and conditions and privacy policies of their own (the “Third-Party Policies”). We recommend that you familiarize yourself with any Third-Party Policies. Microsoft Mobile is not responsible for the actions and practices of such websites and content providers, in relation to consumer privacy or otherwise.

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