Your Nokia device (e.g E75, 6730 classic, 6710 navigator, or N86 8MP) includes a multiprotocol email client, which supports the Mail for Exchange account using Microsoft ActiveSync protocol. Note! Mail for Exchange (MFE) client installation is not needed. The configuration is done by running Set up e-mail wizard. The following steps guide you through setting up Mail for Exchange email account in your Nokia phone:

NOTE! Read all screens carefully during the setup process as they will provide additional information how to proceed.

  1. Highlight and select Set up e-mail on your home screen using the NaviKey.
  2. Select Start e-mail setup from the menu that appears.
  3. Select Start to begin entering the information for your e-mail account
  4. The setup wizard will need to access the network in order to complete your email configuration.  Depending on your operator contract, this may involve some data transfer charges. Select Yes, to allow the wizard to access to network, if question has been displayed. Please wait for the wizard to establish a network connection.
  5. Enter your corporate Email address and select OK.
  6. Select Corporate in Type of email.
  7. Select Mail for Exchange, if the question has been displayed.
  8. Next Setup wizard requests details of email settings. Enter Domain name, your User name in mail account, password, e-mail Server name and Secure Login (on/off). Select Next.
  9. Select either Email Only or Email and Data. Email and Data means synchronising Email, Calendar, Contacts and To-Do in the initial synchronisation. The definition can be changed later in Menu > Email > Settings.
  10. If you selected Email and Data in step 9, select either Merge or Replace for question how to synchronise. To get more info check Help.
  11. When Email complete is displayed, select OK.
  12. Now Mail for Exchange mailbox has been added to your device and it is ready to use. When using Mail for Exchange, you may be requested to change the lock code after connect to mail server first time.  The default lock code for your device is 12345. New lock code is requested at the defined intervals.

NOTE! If you forget the lock code, the device will need to be sent for repair. For additional  information regarding Nokia device repair, visit the Nokia support  web site at

NOTE! If you have previously hidden the Set up e-mail option on the home screen there are following other ways to get started with email setup.

  • Menu > Email (or Applications > Email) > New > E-mail setup starts. (When you use the wizard for the first time, you are guided through the settings configuration. After that Email setup option will be available).
  • Menu > Messaging >Options > Settings > E-mail > Options > New mailbox.

If you use either of these two options, select Start to begin entering the information for your email account as mentioned in step 3 above and proceed with the instructions from that on.