The Microsoft Carbon Fee: Theory and Practice

This guide presents what a carbon fee is, why to consider this model, and how to implement it to achieve your organization’s objectives.

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Environmental Sustainability and the Cloud

Learn about the impact your organization can make by moving business applications to the cloud.

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Microsoft: Let's Go Greener

Explore opportunities to make more environment friendly choices every time you buy, use and dispose off IT equipment such as PCs.

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Set environmental goals with BI

Empower users to discover, analyze and visualize data with powerful self-service BI.

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Microsoft CityNext

Now you can transform your city and engage citizens with new collaboration tools.

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Recycle Hardware, Packaging and Batteries

Find Microsoft sponsored recycling opportunities in your area.

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Desktop PC Energy Savings for Enterprises

Save energy by enabling PCs in sleep mode to be available for remote network access; PCs awaken only when needed.

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