Advisory Firm Drives Culture Change and Increases Profitability with CRM Solution

Canaccord Genuity Hawkpoint (CGH) specialises in giving independent, discreet advice on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, debt, and strategy. With 180 people working in offices in London, Paris, and Frankfurt—and Canaccord Genuity Group operations in Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, Singapore, and the U.S.—knowing what’s going on across multiple projects at the same time is vital. By deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the firm has gained a single customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which is not only radically transforming the culture at CGH, but is also increasing staff productivity, reducing costs, and creating opportunities.

Business Needs

The company’s existing software system was hampering growth. CGH employees used it only to access contacts and as a rudimentary fee-forecasting module. What’s more, they found it difficult and time-consuming to update.

The nature of the advisory firm’s business—with a number of different teams operating in highly regulated professional services

environments all across the world—also made it a challenge to get a single view of operations within the group. This, in turn, made it difficult for managers to plan future projects and make strategic business decisions.

The company turned to Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Certified Partner Gap Consulting to help it roll out a new system. It recommended Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Gap Consulting provided an engineer to play a key role and work on understanding the day-to-day activities of CGH staff, plus the company’s aspirations. This was an important phase of the project, which helped make the transition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as smooth as possible. It also helped maintain business continuity throughout the company.

The implementation took just six months. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CGH found it now had billing, project tracking, compliance, and marketing all in one place—easily accessible by all staff.

CGH is now able to:

Give managers insight into project activities, fees, costs, and margins

Track initiatives, so it’s easy to see what’s working and what isn’t

Run scorecards to help people achieve and share success

Track project input and hours more closely

Monitor resource use

Share data and information more easily across the group, while keeping sensitive information restricted and secure

Record a clearer history of interactions with clients

Achieve better, centralised information capture


Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
CGH has been able to bring together its people, databases, and processes. Six months after implementation, the new system is widely accepted as offering the business much better intelligence. Staff find it easy to use and as a result they’re recording significantly more information. This positive cultural change has increased transparency, accountability, and understanding among the teams—and is now driving greater confidence, enhanced productivity, and helping to reduce costs.

Adrian McMillan, Managing Director, Head of Operations, Canaccord Genuity Hawkpoint, says: “It was an easy decision—Microsoft Dynamics CRM was a clear-cut winner.”

Greater clarity. Clear overview of fees and breakdowns is changing the way staff monitor project costs. Day-to-day and strategic decisions can be made with greater certainty. And, when planning new projects, it’s easier to understand how specific industry requirements affect workload and subsequent costs. McMillan says: “Microsoft Dynamics is a multi-faceted CRM system, which has brought together our processes, giving us a better view of operations across the group.”

Enhanced efficiency. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CGH can achieve faster data entry, mailshots, and marketing campaigns. “Our marketing campaigns and mailshots are easier to coordinate—Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped us save time and share databases,” says McMillan.

Smoother integration. Easy integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other software such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel means more people are using the new system. This creates better quality data, and, essentially, better bottom-line results.

More competitive operations. With improved input and organisation of data, buyer appetite, seller aspirations, and assets in the market can all be tracked, making CGH operations more effective and competitive. Adrian Bolton, Head of IT, Canaccord Genuity Hawkpoint, says: “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the scope to deliver so much more than we have capacity for. It helps us develop different approaches to make us more competitive.”

More market opportunities. Deeper intelligence and insight as a result of more detailed, integrated data means CGH can act fast on current and potential projects. Full compatibility with Microsoft Excel also allows for the manipulation of live data in scenario testing.

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Customer Size: Medium Organization
Industry: Professional Services; IT Services
Country or Region: United Kingdom
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Organization Profile:

Canaccord Genuity Hawkpoint provides independent advisory services, to a wide range of listed companies, financial institutions, governments, and private equity clients around the world.

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