Qatar Bank Builds State-of-the-Art Human Capital Management System

Seeking to improve upon service levels to employees, the Human Resources department at Commercial Bank of Qatar, which was completely dependent upon manual processes, used Microsoft Dynamics AX, SharePoint, SQL Server and the .NET framework to automate and digitize their operations, standardizing and streamlining all HR processes into a single, consolidated, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Human Capital Management-based platform.

*Delivered service excellence enabled by new technology including base HR capabilities required to support the hire-to-retire process; talent management, compensation, payroll, employee and manager self-service processes.*

Tabassum Javed
Assistant General Manager- HR
Commercial Bank of Qatar

According to Najaf Ahmed, Program Manager for HR Transformation at Commercial Bank of Qatar, “The first step and also one of the important reasons of the success of the program was the strong focus on program governance and change management. We placed a strong emphasis on communications and marketing work streams of the program. We came up with the brand of HR portal very initially in the program – CBConnect with the tagline ‘Making a difference’. “

Ahmed began by conducting a survey on the state of HR services and sharing the responses with senior management.
As part of the governance structure - a working group and steering committee were formed, tasked to participate in the workshops and resolve project risks and issues. The steering committee was co-chaired by Head of Organization Effectiveness and Group Chief Operating Officer. Both the governance committees have representation from Commercial Bank and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) the deployment partner for the program.

HR Transformation

The Bank’s solution for HR Transformation targeted 3 areas - People, Process and Technology.

People Transformation
Empowerment of Staff and Managers was accomplished through the use of an Employee/Manager Self-Support (ESS/MSS) portal with user training provided to 1200 staff and managers. This helped to build a culture of transparency and performance using metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLA.) An HR Helpline was established to address systems and policy related inquiries.

Process Transformation
The HR Transformation team then created Value Stream Maps (VSM) of all HR processes along with proposed best practices determining which led to either workforce value creation, crafting HR practices, or/and increased efficiency. Delegation of Authority (DoA) was redefined and implementation of leaner workflows & policy changes implemented. This resulted in the defining of controls, risk mitigations and the establishment of SLAs for all processes.

Technology Transformation
The Human Resources (HR) modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1 Rollup 7 were implemented for all 1200 users, including:
• Organization Design
• Position Management
• HR Administration
• Leave Management
• Recruitment
• Learning and Development
• Career Development
• Performance Management
• Query Management
• Government Services
• Expense Management
• Employee & Manager Self Service portal
• Payroll

This was accompanied by the implementation and integration of Commercial Bank’s Career Portal for seamless resume sourcing and onboarding, integration of the Time and Attendance system for Managers to get a snapshot of their team’s attendance, implementation of Enterprise Content Management Solution (EMC Documentum and Captiva) for scanning, indexing, storing and retrieval of all employee files, and enablement of confidentiality through robust and well defined access control and encryption. Also deployed were Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint 2010 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Aradhana Chowdhury, the technology lead said, “We delivered the expectations of our stakeholders - a full 180 degree turn of HR from manual to automated mode and ‘Zero-tolerance’ for system performance issues. “

Comprehensive Solution Overview

The Commercial bank (CB) HR Transformation program was set up to achieve the four following objectives using a strong governance and change management framework:
• Provide a Single View of an Employee
• Create a Self-Service Portal for both Employees and Managers
• Furnish executives with integrated HR Analytics
• Achieve significant process improvements

*The program delivered the synergies of business transformation, technology and change management validated through ROI and employee satisfaction.*

Najaf Ahmed
Program Manager
Commercial Bank of Qatar


Process Changes and Signoff
There was significant risk of process changes following the design phase which would have led to costly rework and timeline slippage. Cross-functional teams were deployed during the early workshops to assess the upstream and downstream impact of each process.

Exception Management
There were HR policies with provision for exception handling. A lot of customization was needed to take care of these exceptions as they deviated from standard processes. CB and Tata Consulting Services (TCS), the deployment partner for the HR Transformation project, decided to address the challenge through elimination of exceptions based on policy changes and creation of flexible, optimized design to manage exception handling at an HR Administrator level.

Confidentiality and Risk Management

This critical component required buy-in from the Risk & Information Security teams. Demonstrating the security features of Microsoft covering access controls at all levels, enabling audit trails, and deploying checks based on legacy audit observations convinced the stakeholders that this was a robust secured solution.

Project Complexity
Multiple parallel work streams such as Transformation Consulting, Implementation, Data Migration, Scanning, Content Management System, Archiving and Parallel Line support, created integration points with third party applications that required aggressive timelines. This was addressed through strong program management and governance.

*Recipe to this success is: CB's pioneer leadership and steadfast perseverance, TCS's commitment to customer centricity and delivery excellence and Microsoft's best in class product solution*

Tirtha Basu
HCM CoE Leader
Tata Consultancy Services


Data Integrity

HR data coming from multiple sources was dispersed and inconsistent. The Governance team, formed to take care of Data Migration, performed Data Consolidation, Data Mining and Standardization to ensure that accurate information was loaded into the application.

Change management
According to Tabassum Javed, HR lead, “Manual processes on paper had been used for all HR services in the bank for the past 35 years, and the organization was reluctant to let that go. To encourage and expedite the transition, senior management buy-in, bank wide end-user training, and controls such as the HR process owners would not accept paper requests after the cutoff date were implemented.”

Deployment Review
The HR Transformation project team found Microsoft Dynamics AX quick to deploy. In fact, the entire project was completed within 9 months.

Najaf Ahmed reports that the Bank has enjoyed “visible ROI in terms of better and faster processes, robust operational and financial controls and launch of value added HR services.” They were also pleased with the built-in integrated modules which reduced duplication of work and process cycle time, the third party integration functionalities which facilitated seamless flow of information from the CB Career Website CB Time & Attendance System, CBConnect E-Docs (Digitized HR records) the improved accuracy and process cycle time.

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Customer Size: Large Organization
Industry: Banking
Country or Region: Qatar
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
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