The Giving Touch

Since its inception, Microsoft has been giving back to the community. Microsoft's first organized act of philanthropy started with the United Way Giving Campaign in 1983.

Our overall commitment to corporate citizenship stems from our belief in giving back to society in a way that facilitates the maximum good for the maximum number of people. As part of this, Microsoft actively encourages its employees to support local communities and activities in ways that are most important to them. Employees contribute money, time, talent and expertise to those who are less privileged.

Microsoft India GTSC is focused on three key areas of impact – Education, Empowerment and Environment. We seek to give employees the opportunity to engage in these areas via the most suitable means.

Project Jyoti

Digital Literacy Program
Microsoft Employees Give Back - Have a Look!


To give back to the community meaningfully by catering to a broad spectrum of people in a non-discriminatory way.


  • Leverage our capabilities, competencies and resources to address community needs
  • Provide a platform for interested employees to give back to the society
  • Recognition in the industry as a socially responsible organization

Our Community Work

At the India GTSC, the Giving Campaign is held annually over a duration of one month, with various activities to raise funds for NGO’s, coupled with engagement and volunteering activities with the children supported by NGO’s. We also have an annual Charity Run to raise funds for the educational needs of deserving children, a Computer Donation Program, Digital Literacy Program and environment related initiatives to save our environment.

Dink a Chika

A special dance session where children of an NGO were invited over to our campus and volunteers from the India GTSC taught them to dance to a filmy tune – a time of dance, music, talent and a lot of fun!

Movie Magic

One of the conference rooms was converted into a theatre where volunteers and children watched a movie together. The session concluded with a time of interaction and sharing experiences from learning, inspiration and the moral from the movie.

Painting the School Wall

Employees joined the school children of an NGO in painting their newly-built school compound wall – a time of hard work coupled with a lot of interaction, fun and creativity.

Paint a Tee

Each volunteer from the India GTSC paired with a child from an NGO, engaged in a colorful activity of painting their dreams on T-shirts. This was followed by a reflection circle where everyone shared their creations and messages on the T-shirts with the rest of the group.

NGO Days

NGO’s are invited to set up stalls at the India GTSC to sell items made by them or invite employees to sponsor their requirements and make donations.

Workshop for the differently-abled

Held in aid of World Disability Day, this workshop was conducted at the India GTSC campus for differently-abled youth. It covered product demos on the accessibility features of Microsoft Windows & Office for people with physical disabilities.

Share your Space

A wonderful time of sharing and learning for volunteers and children – we invite children of an NGO to our office and spent time teaching them computer basics, besides having a fun session with Xbox, cool computer games and applications.


A team from Microsoft India GTSC gets together for a friendly football tournament with children of an NGO. Both volunteers and children have a memorable day of football and a lot of fun. All the children are awarded gold medals and certificates at the end of the tournament.

Adopt a Plant Campaign

The campaign is held with the objective of contributing towards our environment as well as raising funds towards a deserving cause.

Tree Plantation Drives

These drives are conducted in partnership with a supporting NGO, in an effort to give to the environment. Employees get together to sponsor and plant saplings, and protect them with tree guards. These saplings are watered and cared for by a community in the vicinity until they grow into self-sufficient trees.

Employee Fete

Employees put together their ideas to set up game and food stalls in an effort to raise funds for a charitable cause. The atmosphere is filled with excitement, talent, enthusiasm and whole-hearted participation.

The Digital Signage Program

An initiative to cut down the use of paper towards saving our environment. Digital signage has replaced posters and danglers. Through this initiative, we save more than 400 liters of water, 100 units of electricity and 2 trees a year.

The Computer Donation Program

This is a program designed to facilitate donation of used computers that have been replaced at Microsoft India GTSC, to fulfill the educational needs of deserving NGO’s for educational needs.

The Digital Literacy Program

Held at the Microsoft India GTSC premises, the program was conducted over four weekends. About 30 children from two NGOs completed their training under this program. The course covered basic computer education for NGOs who were beneficiaries of the computer donation program at Microsoft India GTSC. A ‘Train the Trainers’ program was also organized, where the staff from these NGOs got trained to impart computer education to the children.