What we do

Microsoft India GTSC handles an array of businesses that deploy several technologies. The services that we provide have satisfied our clients to the hilt, primarily because our technical consultants have deep product knowledge as well as the passion to deliver high-quality work, on time. What gives us the edge is our reach and network across the globe, which allows us to cater to our clients immediately and deploy economies of scale.

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Developer Support (DS)

Developer Support (DS)

It comprises extremely diverse and the most complex portfolio of technologies in the Developer Space

Enterprise Platforms (EPS)

Enterprise Platforms (EPS)

One of the largest service clusters at Microsoft India GTSC and is a part of a global network that has over 50 million customer touch points on an annual basis

Commercial Office & SharePoint Support (COSS)

Commercial Office & SharePoint (COSS)

Provides business-critical support to enterprise customers and partners across nearly 40 products and technologies

Enterprise Communication (EC)

Outlook – Exchange Support

Dynamic messaging and communication solutions for businesses across the world

SMS&P and Dynamics Organization

SMS&P and Dynamics

Vital technical support that helps Microsoft partners all over the world