As part of Microsoft's efforts to develop the country’s talent pool, we are keen to reach out to students with high potential and a passion for technology. We believe these fresh minds will help drive tomorrow's technologies and we offer them the opportunity to learn and grow with some of today’s best.

If you have always had a passion for technology and asked "how?", you will find answers at Microsoft.

We hire final semester students as Interns. The interns go through a packed technical and overall readiness program for 4 months, both through classroom training and mentoring, to make them experts with Microsoft products and technologies that prepare them to help solve technical problems. Trainees are given scope to learn and to develop technical skills. The trainee program builds abilities and helps nurture a career in technology by providing challenging situations in various environments.

Upon successful completion of the training, we interview the trainees and select Support Engineers and Partner Technical consultants.

Sana - College Hire

Sanna - College Hire
Start your career on the right foot.

What some of our Trainee Engineers from previous batches have to say:

  • Arpita Saini

    Arpita Saini
    Support Engineer
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Pragathi Raj S

    Pragathi Raj S
    Support Engineer
    Enterprise Communication

  • Namrata Khubchandani

    Namrata Khubchandani
    Support Engineer
    | Commercial Office and SharePoint Support

  • Roop Chevuri

    Roop Chevuri
    Program Supportability Manager
    Windows Enterprise Platform Support

  • Pooja Kamath

    Pooja Kamath
    SQL Support Core Engineer
    Developer Support

I joined Microsoft India GTSC on August 10th, 2010 as a MACH hire. For me, getting placed in Microsoft soon after completing my Computer Engineering was certainly a dream come true. I joined the India GTSC as a Support Engineer supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

From the very beginning of my career, Microsoft helped recognize and unleash the potential in me as in my fellow MACH hires. Learning here can never come to a standstill and that is one of the things that make working here so exciting. Microsoft has taught me how to strive for nothing less than the best and achieve excellence not just at work but in whatever I do, besides also teaching me the importance of values. The knowledge that I have gained during my tenure here and the support from my peers, mentors and managers is immense and has contributed towards building my career at Microsoft India GTSC.

If you have passion for technology this is the right place for you to be! I would say, “Learn as much as possible because gaining knowledge has no end.” Every day in the India GTSC has something new for us with new technology, new innovation and new ideas.

Working here is always filled with fun. We have great amenities to unwind and spend time with our friends and peers, with varied facilities for people who love gaming and sports, a well-equipped gym for the exercise conscious, an XBOX room, badminton court, TT, football and snooker tables. The fun element is never missing - we often go for team outings, have family get-togethers, a day when employees bring their children to work and more!

During my free time, I spend time with my friends and family. I love travelling and going on road trips which I do almost twice a month. I love singing, dancing, painting and reading novels.

Having completed 2 years at Microsoft, I realize, why it truly is a "Dream Company". I joined Microsoft India GTSC as a College Hire in 2011 and the last two years have been extremely fulfilling. I work with the SharePoint team in the COSS cluster.

They say "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". This really does hold true, here at Microsoft. Not only do we have great facilities and a conducive environment, but we also have the best technical experts who are always willing to help you learn more. The best part of this job is that the learning never ends. At the India GTSC, every day is a new challenge that we love to take up. The job motivates you to do better each day and take up new endeavors. Working with people from different cultures and different parts of the world is an aspect of the job that I completely love!

At Microsoft, we understand the importance of values such as Respect, Inclusion, Honesty and Integrity and always stand by them. One’s talent and efforts never go to waste here. There are ample opportunities of succeeding on the technical front while also engaging in fun that instills zest and keeps us motivated and light, all day.

On a personal front, I like dancing, doing yoga, travelling and exploring new food cuisines. I love spending time with my family and friends at Microsoft. I must say, we are one huge family - It feels like home, away from home!

July 4th, 2012 will be etched in my memory forever, as I started my career at the age of 22, joining Microsoft as a freshly recruited Campus Hire (MACH). The mind blowing, entertainment-packed Annual Kick-Off event on that day was truly an indication of things to come. Since then, every day has been truly rewarding, uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable.

Microsoft provides us with a plethora of choices by encouraging us to choose the technology we are interested in and then equips us with the fantastic infrastructure and ever-helping peers. Above all, Microsoft encourages us by giving us tremendous growth opportunities.

I work as a Developer Support engineer in the SQL Server team, which involves solving complex technical problems for our Premier Clients. The challenges in the last year have helped me hone my technical as well as communication skills tremendously. Another aspect which makes me proud is the high ethical standards practiced at Microsoft. It is not surprising that Microsoft has been awarded the Best Employer of the Year by the Randstad survey three times in a row now!

I know my company truly cares for me when I see the careful thought behind the scrumptious buffet menus and the efficient and safe transport system. The awesome leisure activities and the various hobby clubs here give us a great place to unwind and indulge in our own passion be it around work or otherwise. At the India GTSC, I get a chance to dabble in my hobbies like dancing, hosting events, planning activities etc.

Microsoft has also given me a chance to indulge in my favorite hobby of travelling and visiting different countries and knowing different cultures! The MACH and MGX conference in Atlanta this July, 2012, was one of the highpoints of my career at Microsoft India GTSC. The truly inspiring keynote presentations, the amazing sessions , the great after parties, networking with 15,000 Microsoft employees in different roles from all over the world showed us what an exciting future Microsoft has for each one us!

I feel blessed to be part of the Microsoft India GTSC family and hope to spend many more fruitful years here. Working at Microsoft is not just a job! For me it is my Window to Cloud9.

It was on February 11th, 2011, that I got the thrilling news that I have been selected to be part of Microsoft India GTSC. I feel very lucky to have been hired into this wonderful organization as a College Hire. I still have a very clear memory of the very first day of work here when I walked in with the other college hires as a complete fresher, very proud but also apprehensive wondering what life here was going to be like. The journey so far since then has been a Dream ride filled with challenges, excitement, fun and a lot of learning.

The best part here is the work culture – there is an open-door approach where we can just walk up to anyone and chat anytime, be it a Director or the General Manager.

Personally, I love to play cricket and to dance. Being here at the India GTSC, I have got an opportunity to keep my passion for cricket alive by representing Microsoft in our corporate cricket team. I have also been an active part of the annual event ‘Colors of GTSC’ where we have group performances after being trained by professionals.

This is a place with great talent – a place where your work, success, achievements and career growth are recognized and rewarded – a place that believes in Fun-with Work!

Microsoft is no doubt a great place to work – a great place to shape your career.

My name is Roop Chevuri and I work as a Supportability Program Manager at India GTSC.

Having joined as a college hire in 2004, in the very first batch of college hires in Bangalore, my journey here over the years has been simply amazing! Microsoft has been the first and only organization that I have worked for so far and that speaks for itself. Over the years I have grown in my career to becoming the first Supportability Program Manager from India.

During these 9 wonderful years of my work-life, I have had an opportunity to converse with some of the brightest technical minds and managerial talent from all over the world, and learn from their experiences. I was encouraged to take up big challenges, appreciated for being open and always had someone to support me when I needed direction. Microsoft is definitely the place to be if you think big.

Microsoft India GTSC has been like my second home with extended family. The facilities available at office are second to none. A great spread at lunch and dinner, multiple snack options in the evenings, food festivals every other month, a gym to burn those accumulated calories, an XBOX room to try the latest games and a company-wide sports event every year are some of the things which I will always cherish.

During my free time I love watching cricket and catching up on movies on TV.