Employees Speak

We value the diversity that our employees bring to Microsoft India GTSC. From this stems the dynamic work culture that allows each employee to thrive and express himself or herself. Read on employees of the India GTSC tell you about the vast array of workplace opportunities available here as well as the numerous ways in which they can unwind, interact, and simply be themselves.

  • Manu Anand

    Manu Anand
    Support Engineering Manager
    Enterprise Platform Support

  • Ajitha Srivastava

    Ajitha Srivastava
    Sr. Support Engineer
    Commercial Office and SharePoint Support

  • Gautam Kakade

    Gautam Kakade
    Support Engineering Manager - Escalations
    Developer Support

  • Maria Kurian

    Maria Kurian
    Partner Technical Consultant
    SMS & P and Dynamics

I am a Support Engineering Manager with the Windows cloud team. I joined Microsoft India GTSC as a Support Engineer in May 2006 and it has been amazing 8 years spread across four different roles.

This is the place where I get to work with the best minds and learn something new every day - sometimes it feels like a living classroom. Microsoft provides great opportunities across a diverse set of businesses and it certainly is a great place to develop professionally. There is a strong sense of values and a huge emphasis on employee feedback and creating a positive working environment. There are many resources available to employees to assist them to succeed both professionally and personally. Each day continues to add wonderful experiences to my life and strengthens my association with Microsoft.

We have an amazing work atmosphere with an in-house gym, badminton court, pool tables, X-box room and the fun element is never missing with regular outings with teams and family events.

During my free time, I spend most of the time with my four year old child. My likes include following cricket and driving.

It has been over 8 years since I started working for this magnificent company. Everything about Microsoft still amazes me. The environment, people, work, technology and the zest of everyone to excel in whatever they do. The open door policy and the flexibility to one’s comfort, makes work-life balance a reality.

I came from the world of training and implementation of network infrastructure to a world of portals called SharePoint. But people around took me in and helped me to consistently improve and develop my knowledge and skills. After so many years I still have so much more to learn and so much to impart. Microsoft has shaped and groomed me in all aspects. The company truly helps you become a better human being.

The facilities on campus make coming to work even more exciting – a clean workstation to come to everyday, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner and a round-the-clock cafeteria with warm and tasty snacks. Every floor has a break-out area to hang out with colleagues and friends. When I feel the need to unwind, I go to the X-box room or sweat it out at the gym. I also use the badminton court where I have a good match or two with my peers almost every day. Besides this, activities like talent nights, quiz nights, a sports weekend and more help us showcase our talent. There are many awards programs to recognize and reward the work of outstanding performers.

When not at work, my world is my family. Like a butterfly, many things interest me. I did pottery for some time, recently I have been learning about Waldorf education to be a better mother to my 5 year old child. Tomorrow it might be something else – Microsoft gives leverage to explore them all.

Life at Microsoft India GTSC has been enriching, coupled with ample zest and opportunity over the last 4 years that I have been working here.

Leading really smart teams in SharePoint and SQL has helped me grow immensely both professionally and personally - I think it always helps to unlearn first and then learn.

From helping customers realize the true value of Microsoft through world class products, to enabling teams fulfil their aspirations and above all, making the world a better place through community events - there’s never a dull moment.

Fantastic trainings, certifications, coaching and mentoring sessions help us grow professionally and facilities like the Xbox room, gym, badminton, table tennis, foosball, pool tables etc., help us take breaks and unwind as required and what makes it even more exciting is that we have it all on campus!

Outside of work, my four year old son keeps me on my toes. And if I do manage to squeeze some ‘me’ time, I watch movies, sports and travel shows.

I like to swim and play table tennis whenever I can and I’m a self-proclaimed avid foodie.

My name is Maria Kurian and I joined the India GTSC as a MACH hire on July 4th 2011. I work as a Partner Technical Consultant with the SMS&P and Dynamics Cluster. My technical focus area is on SharePoint Development. The last 3 years at Microsoft has been a great learning curve for me in terms of technology, business process and consulting skills. I had the opportunity to work with Microsoft Partners across the globe on various technical engagements and this has helped me understand the global business more effectively. Exposure to the plethora of technical knowledgebase and tools always help me learn something new every day which I can apply to my daily work.

The work culture here at IGTSC has helped me maintain a perfect balance between work and fun with several round-the-year activities run outside of our scope of work. The month-long Giving Campaign conducted every year gives us an opportunity to reach out to NGO’s and contribute our time and money towards a deserving cause, the fun- filled Colours of GTSC - an evening of music, drama, group dances and song, as well as the Sports weekend bring out the creative and talented side of every employee.

Everyone at the IGTSC is approachable, be it a colleague who is based at Redmond or the General Manager of our organisation. Collaboration has never been a challenge as we are provided with the latest technology and gadgets that help us stay connected always. Also, the hard work of the transport team, cafeteria folk and the facilities team make the time I spend at work worthwhile and fun with a systematic, comfortable and safe transport system, a wide spread of tasty food during meal times and a very comfortable working environment with various facilities on campus including a well- equipped gym, pool tables, TT tables, a badminton court etc.